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Legend of Drizzt Boardgame WIP


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Drow duelist. My first attempt at NMM. Watched a couple Girlpainting youtube of how to wet blend on the blade and NMM theory, and made a stab at trying it that I am pretty happy with. The sculpt is a bit warped on the rapier, but I figure to learn that another day. If anyone has a suggestion for straightening, I have two more of these duelists that have even more warpage on the rapier and I am willing to make them a learning opportunity.





The girlpainting vid is linked below. Time index 17:36 is where she demonstrates the sword NMM and wet blending.

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Because of you i had to put all those board games on my amazon wishlist. All those minis for that price are just too good to pass up, especially the pack with the Dracolich.


Way to go :wacko:

I think Slashhamster shares some of that blame. Slash's work on Castle Ravenloft is very impressive:


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Two duelists down, one to go. Armour was base coated with darkest purple I have (Reaper deep amethyst), then dry brushed with GW necron compound (silvery "dry" paint) then washed with purple and blue depending on the area. Duelist number three will have green blades.



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Thanks. I have been likewise surprised that they have painted up so well for both this set and Wrath of Ashardalon. The sculpts are actually pretty good.


Just completed Drizzt himself. Had to do a lttle surgery to separate the sword in his left hand from the back of the cape. It was cast as a single piece, so initially there was no space between the cape and the sword. which made the sword look rediculously deep. Could have painted it to hide that from one angle, but to get it to look right from all angles require digging with an exacto knife and dentist picks to create a gap behind the sword.





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