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Here's the basecoat of Tiviel. First off, her casting was the worst I've seen so far (almost exclusive Reaper minis). The two mold halves were probably .5mm off all the way around. I eventually gave up trying to fix it all and just tried to address the worst of it. She also had a huge crack in her back. I picked up some liquid greenstuff, but not before I had done the base coat of skin. (I might try to paint it up like a scar). I decided to go with the dark purple skin color because I wanted a chance to use my Dark Elf Skin triad on more than just a face. I then had an awful time getting a decent color scheme. I wanted to do something besides black, but I tried blue and brown and they looked terrible. So I just went with black. After painting her irises yellow, I decided that yellow/gold would be the accent color throughout. The grey on the armor and knives is metallic, as is the gold. (I see from the pictures I got some gold on her thumbs). The white thing at her side will turn into a potion. She's wearing two layers of pants, so I'm going to give one of them a slightly different color. I like the red that Derek used on his paint job, so I might try to do something like that.




Next steps are to clean up the paint job in a few spots and add shadows to the non-black areas.

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ObsidianCrane - hmmm, I'll have to think about that. Much of the problem with the mold lines can't be fixed, unfortunately. There are little "thingies" on the pants that you can't see very well in the picture - the mold line is right over them and completely destroyed whatever they were. They would have to be chopped off and remolded from scratch - which is way beyond my skill level. The earring are pretty bad off, too, but they're hidden a little bit better.


If I do decide to go over it with greenstuff, do I need to scrape/sand off the existing paint, or I can I just layer it on top of the paint?

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Well that area is the buckles on her chaps (why she has chaps I don't know), however I was looking on the under side of her arms, the blade of her right knife and her inner right calf.


You might find that the method of dragging the LGS back across the mold line so that it collects against the ridge is enough to make the issue with the chaps workable if not making it fantastic as well.

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Did shading and highlighting on Tiviel last night. I botched the blend in the black area on her upper torso, so I'll need to redo that. Other than that, I think the paintjob is done. I'm planning on a simple base, which I'll do by Tuesday so I can count her for the end-of-year challenge.





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She looks really nice, good work on fixing her up ::):


If you ever get a mini so messed up that you can't fix it or it's little details are destroyed, consider writing to reaper and asking for a replacement. My first Santa Mouse had a huge hole in his back, like a bubble formed in the metal, and even though I'd bought it as my FLGS, reaper sent me a replacement when I wrote to them. They didn't even ask for the hole-in-the-back-Santa back, which, now that I've discovered the joys of green stuff, I could fix if I really wanted to. I had another mini which was so scratched up that all the spiffy little details on his robes where destroyed, an they replaced that one too.


Overall though, Reaper's quality control is pretty good ::):

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The clothes are pure black, so I guess it will have to be the skin. I used the Dark Elf Highlight sparingly - I didn't want that to completely overtake the base color. I'll use a bit more and mix in some linen white for another level. Do you think her face needs more highlights?

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Ok I thought I better look at it on my laptop before I made further comment.


Now that I've seen it off the phone yes pull the skin up and maybe a brighter highlight on the hair as well.


Notice how white the hair in the picture below is in spots where the light is shining off it, even with the dark purple hair in it.



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