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Total Nerd Gifts ... What'd You Get?

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Just got home from Christmas with the fiancee's family.


Her sister hooked me up with the T.A.R.D.I.S.




That's right, it lights up and plays the sound. It's a 4-Port USB 2.0.






What interesting NERD Gift did you get?

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I forgot earlier, I got some ice trays. A gummy bear ice tray, one that makes cubes shaped like Darth Vader's mask, and a mold that makes Death Star shaped ice spheres.

Hey just being helpful (or spreading the pain take your pick :))   Well my Christmas booty is complete now that all the $$ & gift cards have been turned into DVDs;   Dark Knight Rises (basic v

I got The univsrsal monsters essential Bluray collection for halloween this year and in it it has 8 Postcards of the original poster art for the movies.   I had commented that they would look good i

Well aside from Season 2 of Castle on DVD and Flash Gordon on Blue Ray my 1 nerd/geek gift that isn't self purchased was my Boost speakers.




Love these, they are going to be a great resource at work both as a source of sound for playing music etc but also as a conversation starter for kids. (Work = High School Teacher)

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My wife and I exchanged gifts tonight and she got me a whole box of Reaper stuff :wub::wub: her! Got some $$ from the fam so yup more figures are going to be on the way and the main event sn't even until tomorrow! And this doesn't count the two Jack Sparrow figures and the Gandalf figure I bought myself or the three 1/16th scale historical figures I got from the in-laws!


BTW THRYM a light up TARDIS?! You suck! :lol:

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I love the hub TARDIS! I got one for my girlfriend (she was the one who got me addicted to Doctor Who) a few years back.


My geek haul was slim. We have 5 kids, so it's not exactly super-deluxe Christmas spending on ourselves. She did get me a lovely leatherbound copy of The Hobbit, some Vallejo paints, permission to spend $60 on the FRPgames sale and some fun Steam games (The Walking Dead, KOTOR 2, Of Orcs and Men!)

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I'm still at work, and won't get to open my presents until I get up this afternoon /sulk


But my hubby usually gets me something nerdy and awesome; last year it was the mousling tavern set ::D: So I have lots of hope for some good nerd stuffs.

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I gave my husband 100 plastic 1 inch slot bases and a Tomb Kings skeleton army for Warhammer fantasy.


My mother gave me one of the plastic organizers with about 60 small drawers I really wanted for my upcoming "create a workspace" project. Also a headlamp with a magnifier, and a GREAT 21 piece mini drill set.


Brother in law & his GF gave me a variety of minis from the sale bin, so random stuff such as a three piece dwarf miner blister and some other GW Warhammer minis. Husband also got me a really cool undead bat swarm from there. None of it was reaper, but they are pretty nice minis and I got a lot more than I would have otherwise since we set a monetary limit.


Husband also gave me a new 7 pc. Chessex dice set, a really nifty "water pot" that looks like it would be really difficult to accidentally knock over, and 30 bucks to spend where I like. Some of it I threw over at the FRP sale, and I'm going to get another order from Reaper here shortly.


Mother in law gave me 2 other plastic drawer organizers (different from the one my Mom gave me) also to be applied towards my paint room set up and Bones storage facility.


Plus I got myself a http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/storm%20steed/sku-down/03124 when I ordered his bases so I could take advantage of the 12 days sale, in which Reaper kindly gave me a free Echidnox!

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My sports geek got an Ohio state football autographed by two members of our national championship team, an OSU lawn gnome and a perpetual calendar.

My cooking geek got several new cutting boards, cooking utensils and other implements

And I got the 2013 Think Geek - Despair Inc Calendar.

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Let's see...I got Dreadball and Sedition Wars and Bombshell Neutron and Ed Fortae's haul and Tre's haul, and Jody's haul and KD:M and Low Life Croach and a nice Brom art book and BONES and the next 8 months of Reaper releases....


Oh, did you mean what did other people give us? About 4 hours now :)


edit - actually my aunt gave me a 50% off coupon for a local cookware outlet...who was having a 75% clearance. So I spent about $250 to get all new dishes, tons of utensils, pots and pans, serving dishes, knife set, etc. Around $2k worth of stuff...can't wait to tell her she "spent" $1750 on me for xmas...

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lava lamp (been wanting one of those)


a sheep & chicken for Farmville (+ bonus Farm cash!!)


Bilbo & Gollum Lego set


Star Wars Angry Bird poster (resembles the SE new Hope poster done by Drew Stuzan)


+ I gave myself a big order from FRPGames & of course the Reaper Christmas sale.

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    • By Rigel
      Here is a Black Tree sculpt from their remarkably extensive and comprehensive Doctor Who line. This was DW420, Professor Kettlewell, but I've repurposed him as a mathematical genius visiting Miskatonic from Howard University.

      I love the hair. 

      Bonus points if you recognize the equations! 

      He looks like he cares for his abstruse and rarefied mathematical theorems, his coffee, and jaunty bow ties, and that's about it. The shabby suit and body language really help sell the character. Brainstein here is one of my favorites.
    • By SparrowMarie
      So as some of you may know I'm making a diorama! This will be slow going for a while as I get the materials and then it should be full steam ahead. I've started by procuring another copy of the "telephone box" since I don't really like the first one I did a few years ago. It's not awful but not up to my standard for a Christmas present. 

    • By Dr.Bedlam
      So I hear Paizo's got this new game, Starfinder, up and coming. And I am not sure what to think. 

      Pathfinder filled a need; I tried 4th Edition D&D, and did not much care for the radical changes after several years of 3.5. Pathfinder was just an extension of the d20 system, and worked well as a generic fantasy game ... that, as splatbook after splatbook and so forth, grew steadily less generic. Still a fine game, although it begins to show signs of splatcreak*, as the sheer amount of rules pile up.

      Makes sense they'd want to expand their base of gaming; a one-game company is vulnerable to changes in the market, and D&D has finally gotten its head on straight. Time to seek out new life and civilizations... if only to stay competitive. 

      But I dunno.

      First science fiction RPG I ever played was Traveller, which did an amazing job of distilling the basics down to three little booklets in a box, which seems to be how things were done, then. We had combat, we had spaceships, we had computers, find a ship, find a crew, find a job, keep flying. It worked. (I will not discuss Gamma World or Metamorphosis Alpha; while I enjoyed 'em, these were more postapocalyptic and less space opera, and this is hard enough to keep on track as it is).

      Another game, Space Opera, was interesting and fun, although waaaay too in love with its rulesset; as I recall, you could burn a whole gaming session just creating a character. Which I guess was a little better than Traveller, where you could accidentally get killed before your character entered PLAY, but Space Opera's extra crunchy rules were a bit much, even for the times.

      I enjoyed Star Frontiers, once TSR finally got off their duffs and designed a neat space opera setting, although I took it kinda personally that they did not include a starship design or purchase system, or for that matter much of any information about space travel other than "buy a ticket." What, Traveller could do it, but you can't? They were up front enough, though, about the fact that they'd be out with a separate boxed set that would include the starship rules... eventually. And they did. 

      Aaaand that's where we take a sharp left, because Star Frontiers was the last generic science fiction space opera I ever played.
      FASA quickly came out with a licensed Star Trek game, set during the TOS era, because that's all we had back then; Next Generation was still years away. Still remember the one adventure we played as Klingon officers, who wound up blowing up the ship due to a complex web of backstabbery... but I digress. Not long after that, they also came out with a licensed Doctor Who game, which preoccupied us for a while, as there were a hell of a lot of VHS tapes to track down to keep up with the setting! It did have the advantage of spreading across all TIME, as well as space... although we took a break when West End Games's Star Wars came out, because to a nerd-child of the seventies, the history of mankind breaks down into pre-SW and post-SW. After all, you never saw any Planet Of The Apes RPGs, did you? Hell, I still have a copy of Leading Edge's Aliens RPG around here somewhere; it was fun, albeit rather sketchy, as it was based entirely on the two movies in the Alien franchise as of 1988... had plenty of information about Weyland-Yutani, the Space Marines, the Aliens... and nearly nothing else...
      Which brings us to now. As I said above, Pathfinder filled a need.

      But there are a great many licensed science fiction games now. Firefly is still going strong. A new Star Wars game still circulates, albeit unsupported due to licensing. A new Star Trek game is in the works, assuming its maker ever gets it out of playtesting, and the current Doctor Who game still seems to be selling.

      Is there a place now for a generic science fiction setting? Will it appeal to people who've never tried Pathfinder? Or does the current market favor established licensed science fiction settings where one can watch a movie or three and get an idea INSTANTLY about the world and how it works?

      Opinions? Ideas? Rants?
    • By Crowley
      As the 2016 Frostgrave campaign wrapped up, I've started working on my new wizards. Or at least possibilities for my new wizards. The now out of production Ecclescake (9th Doctor) and Doctor Payne (War Doctor). 
      I started by cleaning them up and assembling them, and tonight I used Reaper's brush on primer followed by a brown liner wash. 

      These are really great sculpts, and I'm sad that Heresy had to stop making them. 
    • By Pingo
      These are two official, licensed Doctor Who figures from Black Tree Design: DW405, Zygon, and DW424, Zygon advancing. 
      The Zygons are sneaky shapeshifting aliens who sometimes make an uneasy alliance with humans.
      In classic old Doctor Who they are mucky brown-beige things.
      In New Who they are more purply and speckled, and not always evil (although they look it).
      All of Black Tree Design's line is from Old Who.  These are very much old-fashioned stuntmen-in-rubber-suits aliens. 
      Nevertheless, I painted these up more in keeping with the New Who colors because I think they are prettier.  The  paint job is pretty simple, and I would have called it a speed paint, except it was four months between when I started and finished them.





      WIP thread here.
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