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Hasbro 2" Pony Adventurers (Conversion)

Jordan Peacock

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Love the Ranger, Wizard & Paladin!


How old is Wendy?

She's old enough to have several older plastic ponies from the 1980s (I think they're kind of scary-looking, but hey), and she once had a castle play set that came with a little dragon. My little nieces appreciate my pony kit-bashes as well, but they're not into miniatures games.

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Okay, now for a little more Reaper relevance to this project: EVIL PONY!


Reaper #P02887A "Evil Pony" (from #02887 "Evil Toys")



(Ouch. This looks a lot better when I'm using my own eyesight rather than the cruel, cruel eye of the DIGITAL CAMERA.)


I've had this miniature for a long time, using it as a "My Little Nightmare" for a number of strange adventures. (Most of the adventures I run ARE a bit strange.) The paint job was starting to wear down despite the clear coat layer, so I figured it was time for some Pine-Sol and a new paint job. I've re-painted it this time to try to match up somewhat with "Firewater" the Elementalist. In Savage Worlds terms, I'll make sure Firewater has the summon ally power, and this will be her summoned elemental "bodyguard."


MLP Adventurer - Elementalist with Summoned Ally


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