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Hasbro 2" Pony Adventurers (Conversion)

Jordan Peacock

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I've got to applaud your creativity on this! Outstanding! I'd love to show this to my wife, but I'm afraid she'd then ask when I was was going to make HER some! ::o:


Good stuff.



It's too late. This was a horrible horrible thing. How could he do this to me. the wife is now insisting that I go out and find some and I do something similar for my girls. That will teach me to surf the site on the big screen in the family room. Oh the horror!


Seriously though, kudos to you on this project. The creativity and execution is excellent. I'll just have to hide my wife's ADHD meds for a few days and see if I procrastinate my way out of this.

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This weekend, Wendy and I went on a pony-hunt at some local stores; only the local Toys 'R' Us and Target actually had any of the Mystery Pack or "blind bag" ponies -- and at that, they only had the Wave 4 ("Crystal Kingdom") pony toys.

Armed with a parts-number guide from a pony wiki, I checked the embossed numbers stamped into the bag spine, in order to identify the ponies within. I went for all the "guy ponies" I could find: Royal Riff (US #80266), Twilight Sky (US #81276), and Mosely Orange (US #82206).

I HAD BEEN WARNED that the glitter paint wouldn't be conducive for repaints, but I figured I should get one for experimentation. (ONE ... and yet I ended up getting three. That happens.) I found that it was quite possible to get little flakes of glitter on my hands in no time after handling a toy pony, but actually getting the bumpy stuff off the toy is a very tedious process -- definitely possible with the smooth "skin" areas of the pony, but very frustrating to get in the mane/tail areas, what with all those recesses.

For now, I decided to give up on my initial plans for "Royal Riff" and "Twilight Sky," and instead just put them on Clix/putty bases, painted "spooky eyes" on them, and declared them as ghost ponies. I reserve the right to go back later and try repainting them if I can figure out a better way of removing the glitter paint.
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My Little Nightsteed


This was originally a "Mosely Orange" (MLP Wave 4 - US #82206) blind bag pony of the "crystal" type. While I envisioned that I could turn the smoky grey "Twilight Sky" and blue "Royal Riff" into ghost ponies, somehow a YELLOW ghost pony didn't seem quite right. Maybe an elemental? But what sort of elemental would be translucent and YELLOW? Ewwww. I don't like where this is going! (Wendy at this point "helpfully" suggested that he be a green tea elemental. "But he isn't green!" "Have you seen green tea? It isn't really green." "...")

I continued my efforts to scrape off the bumpy glitter paint at least on the "skin" areas of the horse -- a much easier task, since the underlying plastic is far smoother than the ridges of the mane/tail areas. I then repainted the horse-hide areas with black acrylic paint, touched up his eyes to give him a more "evil" or "determined" look (rather than just big wide empty-expression eyes), repainted the irises with a red-orange-yellow "fiery" scheme, and put him on a Clix base with some Apoxie Sculpt to suggest "cracked volcanic rock." Voila! Nightm-- Oh, wait. He's a guy, so he wouldn't be a night-MARE. Okay, he's a night-STEED. Pretty lame on the "pony pun" scale, but I consider it just a working title for now.

If I somehow end up with a lot more "yellow crystal" ponies, I might treat this as a monster encounter -- but otherwise I might just try writing up "Nightsteed" as another pony character option. (He'd likely have some sort of immunity/resistance to fire, offset by a vulnerability to being doused with water, etc., to stick with the fire theme.) Wendy pointed out that he needs a "Cutie Mark," so I suppose I'll go back and paint on a little flame symbol, or perhaps a flaming horseshoe, etc.

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Here are my latest additions to the adversaries, with some easy "conversions":



I couldn't very well call them COLT-ergeists. Anyway, these are just more of the 2" "crystal" ponies given "spooky eyes" and glued onto Clix bases with a bit of putty for "dungeon floor" texture. I ordered these in an Ebay deal before I saw that they were from China. It looks like these were factory rejects: All of the figures in the pack had damaged printing on the "Cutie Marks" or eyes, or had bits of paint/coloration in the wrong place. That's just fine for my purposes, at least.

I scraped off what was left of the "Cutie Marks" and replaced them with ... SPOOKY MARKS. Really, that's probably the most work I did on this -- to do the teeny-tiny lettering on a couple of the marks. Anyway, that gives me 6 ghostly ponies, which I figure is good enough for encounter purposes. (Of course, if I run across any glittery ponies on the cheap in a thrift store, I just might add some more, but it won't be a priority.)

Incidentally, it took a little while for Wendy to figure out the Spooky Mark on the clear/pinkish ponygeist. Then, she told me that it was VERY DISTURBING. Bwahahaha! Mission accomplished!

Now, I just need to figure out what to do with the pink and purple glitter-ponies I got with this particular "grab bag" deal. I suppose the purple one might work for some sort of "shadow-creature," but I'd have only one. (If I can't think of anything else, I might just do the same "ghost treatment," and it's a PURPLE ghost.) Pink seems like an odd color for a ghost, but I guess I can go with it if no other inspiration comes to mind.

The yellow ponies are likely going to get the same treatment as the "Nightsteed," and become "fire ponies" or whatever. Random idea that came to mind: Paint the fire-pony bodies black, but go back with a hobby knife and scrape off "cracks" in the paint to let the yellow translucent plastic show through, to give a "fire burning underneath" appearance, like they're made out of living lava.
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Gryphon Alchemist/Bombardier



Why restrict the player options to JUST ponies? Well, aside from it being called "Ponypocalypse".... Aw, never mind that! I picked up a "Gilda the Griffon" figure, from the "Cloudsdale" PVC figure three-pack set, and modified it. In addition to the typical Clix-and-putty base, I puttied-up some goggles and a harness, repainted the eyes and facial details, and crafted some "potion flasks" from some beads and wire. The idea is that our little alchemist can brew potions, then quickly fly healing potions to fellow heroes ... or drop EXPLOSIVE FLASKS on the heads of enemies. Bwahahahaha! DEATH FROM ABOVE!


(Of course, this means there will be enemies with ranged attacks ... and there are limited opportunities for "death from above" when you're in a DUNGEON. It just seemed like a good idea at the time.)

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Sebastian, Unicorn Combat Butler

It doesn't really fit the pseudo-medieval theme typical to fantasy settings, but when I asked Wendy about what sort of character she wanted to play, she wanted to play ... a butler. She also likes the "Hoity Toity" model from the "Famous Friends" 3-pack, so I picked up one to start with.

I didn't care for the way the Hoity Toity character's glasses seem to have become wrap-around goggles in the plastic toy, so I started by using a hobby knife to trim the lenses away from the face and to pry them outward. I used some wire to make a simple frame to help the glasses retain their shape, "resting" on the bridge of the nose, and then some epoxy putty to smooth the revealed area under the lenses, so I could paint in some eyes. (Blue, as per Wendy's preference.)

The horn was added by drilling a point and inserting some wire as the frame, then building a cone of putty around it and scoring a "twist" to the horn. I did a little touch-up work to bring out some of the details, and repainted the "cutie mark" to be a feather-duster (again, as per Wendy's preference).

Wendy wanted the silver tray as a prop for the butler, levitated via his telekinesis. It's for serving the other adventurers, but also for a makeshift shield and weapon (CLANG-G-G-G-G!) when uninvited monsters crash the party. Since taking this picture, Wendy wished for the tray to be removable, so I've since rigged it up to a section of wire that fits into a hole in the base, or can be put on its own base.

The tray is made from a bead, some putty, and some paperclip wire. The base is a HeroClix base with some putty and a textured imprint to represent a "fancier" part of the dungeon.

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Some more pony conversions:

Pegasus Scout

"Wonderbolt" pony from the "Cloudsdale" 3-pack set, with the body suit repainted brown and goggle rims painted bronze for a slightly more "fantasy look," and then some putty used to make a stylized "cloud" texture on a HeroClix base.

Dark Horse


This is another "Crystal" pony I repainted with the idea of using it as another "ghost pony," but I toyed with the idea of treating this as a special, different monster type -- a "Dark Horse." I have very little in the way of specifics on just what a Dark Horse is, save that I have the idea of giving it a random Pace (e.g., d20 Pace ... d20 running die). It's a Dark Horse, after all, so you don't know how well it will perform in a race, right? ;)

Ahem. Anyway, an idea for future expansion.

Fire Steed / Nightmare Conversion

Another fire-steed conversion. Unlike the "brony" glitter ponies, there aren't any sculpted fetlocks, so I didn't bother leaving those as "fire effects." I need to sort out just what to call these things; it'd be nice to either have some sort of classic myth basis, or else a pun that somehow ties "fire" and "horse" (or similar word) together in a way that justifies another monster type.

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