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Hasbro 2" Pony Adventurers (Conversion)

Jordan Peacock

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As a possibility, you could call them "hinoeuma" - which is the year of the fire horse by the Chinese zodiac. People (women especially) born in that year are meant to be "unlucky" (because they're passionate and strong headed and all those sorts of unhappy things for a woman to be in that culture). More info here: http://www.tofugu.com/2012/04/11/the-curse-of-the-fire-horse-japans-ultimate-form-of-contraception/

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I've got to applaud your creativity on this! Outstanding! I'd love to show this to my wife, but I'm afraid she'd then ask when I was was going to make HER some! ::o:


Good stuff.



It's too late. This was a horrible horrible thing. How could he do this to me. the wife is now insisting that I go out and find some and I do something similar for my girls. That will teach me to surf the site on the big screen in the family room. Oh the horror!


Seriously though, kudos to you on this project. The creativity and execution is excellent. I'll just have to hide my wife's ADHD meds for a few days and see if I procrastinate my way out of this.


Procrastination failing. My wife is now threatening to go out and buy ponies for me to make similar versions for my girls. All three of my girls (ages 13, 10 and 8) ask me every day "When are YOU going to make us ponies daaddy?"


Sigh, I may just have to give in. Not that they will look any where near as good. Maybe if I butcher the first couple they will take pity on the ponies and "rescue" them from daddy. Hmmmm.

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@klawzie: Thanks for the suggestion! I suppose I've got it in my head that the archetypical "dungeon bash" features creatures of Western folklore ... but what with my rogue pony looking like a ninja, perhaps I should look eastward for additional inspiration. ;) (Hmm. Maybe a qi'ling conversion....)


@Goblyn: I've been resisting the "just paint bones on it" method, as it feels like "cheating" somehow ... but those actually look pretty good. Maybe I should try at least one as an experiment.


@Lizard: That is one scary-awesome frog in your icon. :D

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Bogey Horde:



I had a curious semi-nightmare a few weeks ago: I suddenly realize that I've slept late, and it's the weekend, and I have a game to run, and I cannot find ANY of my monster miniatures, and PLAYERS ARE ON THE WAY RIGHT NOW. So, desperate to fix the situation, I dig through a junk drawer and find some old tumbled stones -- and I paint eyes on them. Tada! Rock monsters. Or "Pet Rocks."


Once I woke up, however, I thought -- hey, not a half-bad idea! Rather than going with rocks, though (I don't actually HAVE any tumbled rocks in a junk drawer -- it was just a dream!), I thought that I might be able to work with simple shapes that I could paint eyes onto, in order to create monsters. So, I went by Hobby Lobby and picked up a bag of 1"-diameter wooden spheres, affixed them to Clix bases with putty (I've got *SO MANY* of those Clix bases I won't be running out anytime soon), then painted them up.


Voila! Bogeys! Or bugaboos or barghests or whatever. Basically, I envision these as being the "super-mook" types (in lieu of kobolds or goblins in more traditional fantasy games) that can be thrown at the heroes in extreme numbers, yet dispatched fairly easily (and yet they keep re-spawning in the shadows and coming back for more).

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Ponygeist: Grave Danger



Fun with back-lighting! This is another one of the Wave 4 blind-bag ponies -- #8 "Merry May (Crystal)" -- that I drafted into the ponygeist encounter. Since it was rearing up, I decided to make a little prop to add to the base: a gravestone. (Not that it would make much sense in a dungeon, but ... eh, it's just base decoration!) The tombstone is made with a bit of epoxy putty; I just flattened it against my worktable and carved in the horseshoe and the "R.I.P."



Ponygeist: Pink-a-Boo



My camera really, REALLY did not want to photograph this ghost-pony for some reason. It's a Wave 4 #7 "Pinkie Pie" that had a mis-print on the "Cutie Mark," so I just scraped that off and added a "Spooky Mark" instead (and of course painted the "spooky eyes" -- all white save for a little black-dot pupil). As with Grave Danger, I painted a color "glow"/"light effect" on the base. (That's not some cool light-refraction effect from shining through the plastic.)



My Little Nightmare: Fire Blossom



I thought I'd try the back-lighting with the "fire ponies" as well. The mane doesn't look quite as bright yellow in the picture as it does in person; I guess I need to figure out the nuances of adjusting this camera rather than just relying on the auto mode all the time.



My Little Nightmare: Sky Fire



One thing that's pretty annoying about repainting the "crystal" ponies is having to scrape off all that glitter-paint. For this one, I decided to just try painting OVER the glitter-paint and see how it turns out. The gritty texture certainly shows up in the photo, but it's not all that noticeable on the tabletop. I think by this point, however, I've already got plenty of fire-ponies for an encounter, so it's not likely to be relevant to future "conversions."

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At this point your excuse of "I'm just painting them for a one-shot" is getting kind of flimsy :P


I really like those black spheres - they seem like the perfect sort of cartoony bad guys that ponies would fight.


Yeah, well, I put a lot of work into my Necronomicon game scenarios. It's my one "big" gaming convention excursion of the year. I usually "playtest" each scenario on my regular gaming group first (or else I just lift a scenario from one of my regular campaigns and turn it into a "one-shot" for a convention). If I get any additional mileage out of this, that's a bonus. If I can stretch this so-called "one shot" into two or three sessions, that'd actually buy me a little more time to get everything switched over to the mode for a new campaign. As it is, I've got a few players spouting ideas for other "one-shots" they'd like me to run -- but after a certain point, that's an awful lot of overhead for something that'll only go for ONE session or so.


My current campaign is a "War of the Dead" zombie-apocalypse game, and it looks like we're heading for the "big finale" within 3 sessions. (It'd be within *1*, but for the next month I can't schedule a single weekend where I don't end up losing 2 or more players -- so I'm just going to deliberately run "side-quest" games for what players I can get to show up, and save the "big finale" for later.) I'd like my players to put some thought into what they'll play for our next full-fledged campaign, but so far the pony gag seems to have their attention (and that was supposed to be the "filler" in between more serious campaigns). One player declared that he wanted to play a zebra barbarian, and another wants to play a llama psionicist (named "Dolly Llama"), so I've got a couple more kitbashes in the works for those. For my remaining ponies (aside from the "Mane 6" ponies that Wendy has been collecting -- she's keeping at least 1 of each), I'm planning on going the "skeleton" route: Paint 'em black, and paint on a skeletal pattern. Last night, I decided to take my chances and experiment with one, giving it a black base coat with spray paint. I'll take a look at it once I get home, and see whether it worked, or whether it's going to be a sticky mess because of a bad reaction with the paint. (I really should have tested it on one of the scrap pieces of plastic I cut off, rather than a whole figure ... but, eh, i wasn't thinking.)


I have a bunch of Hirst Arts scenery pieces I made years ago at Mage Knight / Clix scale, which should work well for this -- as for a time I was running a "kludged" game using Mage Knight & HeroClix minis, with some non-combat skills slapped on top of the dial stats, and some very subjective attempts at play balance. I'll have to do some touch-up work, as I stored the pieces out in the garage, and it seems that silverfish love to nibble on hydrostone/hydrocal. (I've been surprised to find a few hollowed-out pieces that I'd made with Durham's water putty in my initial attempts, where the plaster inside had been eaten away, leaving only a SHELL of dried house paint and "moss" flocking. Bizarre!) I had some ideas to put in some gag "pony" touches to the scenery (such as two-part horse-barn type doors for the dungeon, a salt-lick tavern, etc.), but as I can see the end of my current campaign looming, I'm trying to put in a rush on the essentials, and a lot of those fun little ideas (that involve a lot of work and time) are going to have to fall by the wayside.

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