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Statue painting help-Monuments to the gods of D&D

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Hey folks, sometime in the near future i plan to make a series of shrines for the major gods in the D&D universe(my experience is limited to 4th ed lore). Each shrine will be around 2*2 to 4*4 squares large and primarily feature a statue in the likeness of said god. By divine guidance, I have already selected and aquired most of the miniatures from Reaper and I have msot of the building blocks I think i need from Hirst Arts. My question to the Council of Brushlords and Brushladies would be regarding the look of these statues. Im looking to get a reasonable variety in the look of the sculptures, anything from limestone to fel crystal. So far i can pull off a drybrushed grey stone look, but it would be terribly dull to repeat this 12 or so times


- What tips or sites would you recommend for neat looking statues?

- Do you have recommendations for the materials I should use for a particular deity?(eg- Erathis painted to look like marble)


I plan to start a WIP thread when I can clear my slate to focus on this project, but here are the minis i have so far in no particular order:


Bahamut: (2x) 03600: Praying Paladin, 65025: Praying Paladin

Erathis: 50001: Sascha Dubois, Time Chaser

Pelor: 02803: Brother Vincent

Avandra: 60059: Harrower

Corellon: 14450: Larnach, Grey Elf Mage

Lolth: 02990: Crypt of the Vampiress

Sehanine: 03352: Children of the Zodiac: Virgo

Ioun: 03291: Heinz Stargazer

Kord: 03309: Kord the Destroyer, Barbarian

Moradin : None yet

The Raven Queen: 60088: Cleric of Urgathoa

Melora: 14274: Clarissa Banshee,Razig Mage

Zehir: None yet



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For Lolth would be better

14474: Marilith or 02633: Vandorendra Demon

(ok, it is more because of Pool of Darkness, but there was it not Lolth, it was Kaliste)


Better remove the snake part body and remove the upper body of 14517: Isiri Arachnid Archer and put it on it the upper body with 6 arms.


Lolth would normally appear as a spider with a female head in the front.


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Get a huge dragon for Bahamut :B): Nothing else for his glory will do.


And I would say for Moradin:



He's got an epic pose and a shield and hammer.

Maybe greenstuff out the tankard. :;):


But Moradin likes himself some good ale ::o:


Hehe, ya, you could put the hammer and anvil on the shield instead ::):

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Thanks for the advice all! DixonGrfx, thanks for pointing me to that great resource!

This is the idea i have so far:


Bahamut (Platinum?): (2x) 03600: Praying Paladin, 65025: Praying Paladin(or large Dragon)

Erathis(Honey Marble): 50001: Sascha Dubois, Time Chaser

Pelor(Gold): 02803: Brother Vincent

Avandra(???): 60059: Harrower

Corellon(Rainbow Gems?): 14450: Larnach, Grey Elf Mage

Lolth(Black Marble): 02990:Vampiress - with 2 or so large spiders in the back ground or 03465: Shaerileth, Spider Demoness

Sehanine(Glow in the darkwould be cool?): 03352: Children of the Zodiac: Virgo

Ioun (White marble): 03291: Heinz Stargazer

Kord (Bronze): 03309: Kord the Destroyer, Barbarian

Moradin (Earthy,Clay): None yet, but there must be a heroic size dwarf version of-02584: Townsfolk II

The Raven Queen(Obsidian): 60088: Cleric of Urgathoa

Melora(Blue Marble?Tinos Green): 14274: Clarissa Banshee,Razig Mage

Zehir(Jade): 14459: Couatl - Thanks SamuraiJack!
Tiamat - if i did Tiamat, i think i'd build a pillar encircled by 5 dragon heads...something (lazy)like that

Please do let me know if you think another look/stone/crystal would better suit a particular god

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Bahamut (Platinum?): (2x) 03600: Praying Paladin, 65025: Praying Paladin Huge Dragon


There, fixed that for you :;):


For platinum paint I was using P3, but their Radiant Platinum looks just about the same as silver. So to make it whiter I was mixing in "pearl white" paint. Think what you will of craft acrylics, but I've been using their metallics to tint my good paints to lovely effect. Using plain white doesn't work, because without the shimmer stuff in it it dulls the paint. Though I wouldn't recommend craft acrylics for much else on minis.

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