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Winter 2013 Figure Exchange


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I mailed it last Friday, so it's not overdue. I'm just one of those people who likes to watch others open their Christmas presents :)


So after responding to this earlier, I'm kicking myself that I didn't grab a video of the unboxing of your exchange mini that showed up last night. She's gorgeous!




She's beautifully painted, thematic with the campaign I've been running, and as the ultimate crowning touch, came with a sticker of the party's mascot, "Bobo the Cross-Eyed Hammerhead Shark". Absolutely brilliant in every respect Fanguad, superlative work in every respect, thanks so much! ::D:


We finished the campaign a couple of weeks ago, so I'm back to playing, but now I'm going to flush out a 17th-20th level adventure where she's the party's nemesis.


I should also point out that she got some serious praise from my gaming group:


I unboxed her at our gaming session last night, where I usually try and take whatever I've recently painted to get some critiques. As she was being passed around (my players are very, very careful with minis), one guy said "Oh, this is from your exchange thing? I was wondering how you got so good since last week!" ::D:

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So glad you like it! I posted the pre-mailing pictures here. It's good to see her sword came out in one piece, though it seems to have bent a little.


kylons99, you can thank my sister for the shark - she needed a $.50 item to bump her Amazon order up to free shipping so I got a pack of "realistic shark stickers" along with my Christmas present. I almost tossed them, but I'm glad I didn't!


Girot - the base is from this set.

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Sorry Myrnnyx, I did get my mini this week! It looks amazing. You completely blew me out of the water. I absolutely love it, especially the extra details on the base. Please feel free to post pics.


I'm glad you like him. That coral snake on the base was a right pain to do.


For everyone else ...



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