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Winter 2013 Figure Exchange


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Received my mini late last week from Tallghost. Here are the pics. Also came with a narrative card mini-story as follows:

"I finally located the professor in a saniterium outside of Cairo. He refuses to speak of the temple dig or anything that was found there. He just keeps drawing and sculpting the same bizarre figures over and over.(enclosed). I am off to try and find the dig site. Wish me luck! - Tallghost".


Pretty cool ...


I have to assume "the professor and Tallghost" are now blabbering horrors. Damn you Cthulhu!!! :grr:



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I received my two very awesome minis in the mail yesterday. They didn't put their forum name, so I don't know who to thank on here (without revealing a secret identity). They are a spectacular pumpkin monster and green mohawked minotaur. post-8340-0-42651800-1364682491_thumb.jpgpost-8340-0-36233000-1364682500_thumb.jpg



I love the bright greens.

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Well, I owe everyone an explaination. due to things beyond my control, my items wil be a bit late. I've recently had my Diabetus Meds increased and it has rather "Chained me to the Can" at the moment, so to speak. This forces me to work in short periods at a time, causing things to go slow at best. But, Progress is being made, although it is slow. I'm hoping to have it done by the end of this week and getting it sent on the 8th at the latest. I'm going to take pics of it as I work on it, too. wish me luck:)




EDIT: Woops. Wrong Thread. Sorry.

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i have to say, for this being my first exchange, im very sad with how its turned out. Im still waiting for my mini and im getting no updates. Ive reached out to recruittons and he was nice enough to tell me who was painting my fig for me but had no other information on progress or anything other than was was posted on the forum. ive also reached out to who is painting for me and all i get from him is, oh this took more time then i expected but im almost done and itll be in the mail hopefully by such and such time. ive asked him twice and both times this is what he said and both time have passed and nothing. the think that really makes me upset is that ive seen him on the forums and he is running and participating in other exchanges and contests. ::(: this just makes me sad and makes me not want to participate in anymor of these ::(: sorry if im being an a$$ i just needed to say something

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It' been awhile since my minis arrived, and I finally got a chance to take photos to show off here in the thread. I'm just sorry that my camera work sucks, but I shouldn't waste more time saying "when I get better at photo, I'll post". I will waste time with a little back story:

My gaming group is going to be starting a new Pathfinder campaign soon (it was supposed to start in March, but our current campaign is taking longer than we thought to finish) and I will be in charge of it. So on my exchange form, I put that if my partner were to send me character that could be used as an NPC, I would make sure it was the kind of NPC who would come back and harass my players time and time again to make their lives miserable.

Well, my Secret Santa (Secret Sophie?) outdid themselves. I don't know who you were, but you were awesome. Not only did I get a whole party of baddies, (including goblin henchmen!!!) but they sent stat sheets as well, tricked out for 3rd and 8th level encounters!


The pics:


IMG_4152 by tallghost, on Flickr
IMG_4151 by tallghost, on Flickr
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Rugg, I apologize about being so late on your mini, I will get it sent out tomorrow no matter what, I just wanted it to be perfect, that's all. As far as me participating in other exchanges, yes I've entered, but my focus hasn't left your piece. I hope the wait hasn't soured you on participating on these in the future, as well as being my partner again.

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So I think I win the award for second-latest mini! (I know there's at least one person who has yet to receive his mini... ^_^ ) haha.


It may not be as spectacular as the others', but it's my best, and I threw in a couple misc goodies to help make up for the less-than-inspiring paintjob. But I think they're cool in their own way.


I must confess that I haven't been able to paint up a suitable mini all year. So I had to resort to sending figures from my shelf. I'm not sure if that's against the rules but it was all I could muster up.


Anyway, mine's in the mail. Hope you enjoy!

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