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On another x-wing note has anyone seen a guide to replicating the paint scheme on these miniatures? I ask because I really want to get a second YT1300 and convert it to a YT1300c where the cockpit is in the center. This will involve some cutting and some modding which will require either touch up, or complete repaint. I'll probably do a custom paint job on the top to further differentiate it from the Milleneum Falcon. I was thinking of a weathered red ring, but now that I type it out I'm afraid it would look like a bulls eye... bad omen.



Found a guy who has done the center mount cockpit http://boardgamegeek.com/article/11691897#11691897




I'd have to get a third X-Wing to try this one, but the idea is that Biggs tanks for Wedge who plays the knife fighter. Wedge uses the Squad Leader to keep Biggs nearby. Luke hangs out until he can get a good shot off with the torpedo then picks off what Wedge doesn't kill outright. It sounds good on paper but have no idea how it would work in practice. (the points listed by the pilot name are inclusive of the upgrades)


X-Wing (100pts)
  • X-W •Biggs Darklighter (33pts)

    Shield Upgrade (4pts), •R2-D2 (4pts)

  • X-W •Luke Skywalker (34pts)

    Determination (1pts), Proton Torpedoes (4pts), R5 Astromech (1pts)

  • X-W •Wedge Antillies (33pts)

    Swarm Tactics (2pts), •R5-K6 (2pts)


I like. Is swarm tactics in the Tie Fighter expansion?

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GRRRR. Finding expansions right now is worse than teeth pulling. And people who have them are charging like they are gold. :grr:

I had some luck at a non-game store, specifically Barnes and Nobles. They have a game section but probably not the gaming base to deplete their stock.

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We had a tournament this weekend - sadly I went 2-2. We had 10 players total, which was kinda disappointing b/c there were several regulars who didn't make it. The tournament had a twist in that you could bring 2 diff squads and switch them between games if you wanted to. I brought:


Squad 1

Chewie (YT-1300) with Luke, Weapons Engineer, and Draw Their Fire

Biggs w/R2-F2

A-Wing Green Squadron


Squad 2

4x A-Wing Green Squadron, each w/Deadeye. 2 had Assault Missiles and 2 had Homing Missiles


My first game went great. I took my Chewie list and my opponent had Chewie w/Gunner, and 2 A-Wings w/Deadeye and Cluster Missiles. I got several hits on his Falcon right off the bat, and Biggs rolled hot and only took 2 points of damage from the four Cluster Missiles, so I kept the pressure on him over the next couple of turns and really put the hurt on Chewie. He was down to only 2 hull points and decided to high-tail it out of range, so I switched my focus to his A-Wings and pulled off a nice maneuver. Both Biggs and the A-Wing pulled Immelmanns and vaped one of the A-Wings in a single turn. Eventually I took out all 3 of his ships while only losing Biggs.


Second game, I switched over to my A-Wing list and got torched. My opponent was running 4 X-Wings: Wedge w/Swarm Tactics and 3 Rookies. He put 2 of his ships along each map edge and I started mine more towards the middle, and for a minute I thought it was going really well for me, but then I screwed up. My two left-most A-Wings each used a 2-bank to line up their missile shots, but they were too close to each other and the second A-Wing bumped the first by like 2 millimeters. So no action, no missile. I should have had 3 guys lined up to shoot Wedge and instead only got 2. Both missiles hit, but only did 1 pt each. Game over. On turn 3 his other 2 X's closed w/my fourth A-Wing and shot it down before it could fire its missile. The one that bumped never got to fire its missile either. Once the shooting started, it only took 3 turns for him to destroy all 4 of my ships. Not pretty. It didn't help that I only rolled 2 Evades the entire game. I mean come on.... 4 A-Wings, each with 3 Agility, and I only roll 2 evades total? Argh.


We were running a double elimination tournament, so that knocked me down into the consolation bracket. My next game was against the guy who just can't seem to pay attention enough to put up a decent game. I switched back to my Falcon list and he was running 1 basic TIE, Soonter Fel (TIE Interceptor) and a Firefly (not-Slave One). We got into a big furball right off the bat and I took his Academy Pilot out of the game on turn 2. He then proceeded to mess up one of his two guys movement every turn for the next 4 turns. He only had 2 ships, one w/pilot skill 5 and the other with 9, and couldn't remember which one would move first. Then one time he moved both ships to the same spot on the board. Sigh. I won w/out losing a ship, which is pretty difficult when you're forcing him to shoot at Biggs all of the time. Part of that though was b/c Biggs apparently took it upon himself to show my A-Wing pilots how to evade and was flying lights out. Those dice rolls always even out.


Next I had a bye, which was the worst thing that could have happened to me. My previous game finished early, so I walked next door and got dinner, then came back and sat and watched the championship game, while the 2 other guys in the consolation bracket played to determine who'd face me. The winners bracket game was my round 2 opponent vs a guy from out-of-town who was making his first trip to play with us. My opponent won pretty handily vs a Han Solo/Luke's X-Wing build that had wasted every other opponent it'd faced.


By the time I got to play my final game, it'd been over 90 minutes since I'd last played and everyone else was done, so half of the guys had left, and the other half stayed to watch our game and joke around. My opponent had 4 Obsidian TIEs and a basic Firefly. I thought things started well for me, but I was out of my game state-of-mind b/c of the 90 minute gap, and then his dice went hot and mine went to crap. It started with one of his TIEs taking a range 3 shot at my A-Wing thru an asteroid. I should have rolled 5 dice, but only grabbed 4 out of habit, then he rolled 2 hits and I rolled nothing. There go his shields. Next turn, he hits the A-Wing for a 2 pt critical, and I forgot to use Draw Their Fire to move it over to Chewie, so I lost my A-Wing. Then Biggs took 2 crits, both of which I forgot to negate with Draw Their Fire. I didn't even realize I'd missed those until I was driving home. ::(:


Still, I had a good time, even if I didn't win anything. I also have to say that next tournament, I'm flying 4 X-Wings. My buddy has used that fleet in 3 tournaments and won all 3 of them. Its pretty hard to argue with those numbers.


I'll probably try my A-Wing fleet one more time during a league night too, but this time I'm using Cluster Missiles instead. That should pretty much be a 1 round kill against any Falcon or Slave One, or X-Wing/Y-Wing. We'll see tho.

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