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Looking for suggestions, both here with Reaper and abroad for Gamma World stand-ins.


I received the core rules and the two expansions all within the last year and while tokens for the various PCs and monsters are fine, real miniatures would be much more enjoyable.


Any suggestions are welcome.


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okay, I'm not sure how suitable they are, but if mutants, soldiers and scavengers in greatcoats and wearing gasmasks are appropriate, check out Pig Iron Productions. Click "larger image" for a better look. It's a wargaming range but it might have some stuff you can use, they also do great sprues of heads, weapons, backpacks, and stuff, for conversions. In particular they have a huge range of heads, from helmets to mutants in gas masks.


Here are some weird mutant monsters.


Here are mutant heads.


If there's particular things you're looking for, let me know. I have a lot of bookmarks for all the neat stuff i can't afford.

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I actually found a bunch of matches in the Star Wars pre-paints WOTC put out. Harder to get a hold of now, but still atainable I think.


And the really OOP Wizkids Horrorclix had a bunch of things that worked, too, especially for PC type characters.

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Thanks to everyone who've posted so far.

The blog posts by Roving Band of Misfits were helpful and they identified several from Star Wars and Horroclix for various origins.

A guide they include in their last post gives you a guide for how to think about the origins from a humanoid stand point:

NSP = No Specific Form: The origin can take on anything you can imagine as a base figure.
PNT = Paint to match: Take an existing mini and give it paint based on the origin's theme or do a conversion on the figure.
OBV = Obvious: The origin can be easily be found within many miniature lines.

They classified them as:


Android – PNT I always think of androids as looking human, not metallic, though you could just paint a human mini a metallic color. Pulp City miniatures also has a mini called “Androidia.” If you want more robot, and less human, check out the Star Wars droids minis.
Antimatter Blaster – NSP
Cryokinetic – NSP, PNT
Doppelganger – NSP
Ectoplasmic – PNT, OBV
Electrokinetic – NSP
Empath – NSP
Engineered Human – OBV
Entropic – NSP
Exploding – NSP
Giant – OBV Half-giant and Goliath minis are a good place to start with this origin.
Gravity Controller – NSP
Hyprecognitive – NSP
Magnetic – NSP
Mind Breaker – NSP
Mind Coercer – NSP
Mythic – NSP
Nightmare – NSP If you want a truly horrific appearance, sift through the Dreamblade miniatures.
Photonic – NSP
Plaguebearer – NSP
Plastic – NSP Old Glory Miniatures has quite a few Plastic type minis in their Superfigs and New Superfigs lines.
Prescient – NSP
Pyrokinetic - NSP, PNT
Radioactive – NSP, PNT Pulp City miniatures has a few “radioactive” minis.
Reanimated – OBV
Reanimator – NSP
Regenerator - NSP
Seismic – NSP
Shapeshifter – NSP
Speedster – NSP
Telekinetic – NSP
Temporal – NSP
Vampiric – OBV


After reading their first few posts about the Plant, Cockroach and Hawkoid origin ideas I have decided to start a Springpad Notebook with ideas from various lines.

This notebook will provide example painted/unpainted, metal/plastic, miniatures for use as Player Characters for the Wizards of the Coast 4th Edition Gamma World role playing game.

The minis listed within are intended to be used as PCs for a 1" grid system at 25mm/28mm that are available all the time or in reasonable limited quantities.

Gamma World 4E Origin Miniatures Springpad Notebook


Suggestions are welcome. Post here or message me with any possible additions you find.

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Thanks for checking out that series. I did mostly PC type miniatures, but with 13 or so articles in the series, you're sure to find plenty of inspiration. :-) I also found this thread at the WotC forums very useful when researching:

And also, there was an IndieGoGo campaign a month or so ago for Gamma World Hoops, Gallus Gallus, and a few other monsters. They looked really nice; I'm not sure if they'll ever be available to the general public, but it's worth keeping an eye on, or maybe even emailing them to see if you can be a late addition to the Indie Go Go.


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You are welcome. It would be cool if someone got the license to do minis from the images of the origins in the actual game.


A lot of the plastic pre-painted minis in the posts were out of stock or nearly, so I'm not putting them in the Springpad Notebook. There are now some dead links among them as well.


I've already gotten through the links for: Plant, Cockroach, Yeti, Hawkoid, & Felinoid, and have 21 various miniatures to represent them. I'll just keep plugin away at it as I get time.


The campaign has just started and while the PCs are all interesting and unique in various ways, the players haven't truly invested in them yet.

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I've finished going thru Roving Band's list and posted everything that fits so far.


I am now looking through other sources as I have time to find alternate locations for the ones I already sprang and new ones to use. I guess the real beauty of the game is that so much already exists that could be leveraged.


When I saw the Gorilla with a mini gun, Simian origin option from the Judge Dredd line I was ready to make that PC right then and there and get that figure.


More to come. Keep watching. Up to 228 options for various origins.


Bonus, I am also going to go back through them all and suggest alternate and combo origins in the tags for search-ability.

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They have gotten scarce these days, but I have used re-based Dreamblade figures for post-apocalyptic games a few times. MegaMiniatures makes a large range of common animals and has a few unusual sci-fi and post-apocalyptic ranges as well http://stores.ebay.com/megaminiatures

I'm not too familiar with the current incarnation, but over the years have played the other editions of Gamma World quite a lot, so I'd say that using an ad-hoc approach with figures from a wide variety of sources works better for it than most games.

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