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Obsidian Crane's January Painting

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Ok so I'll keep all my work in here at least for the non-Reaper miniatures.

Reaper Minis
02697: Yeti
P14087B: Fairy with Book / Moth
02665: Killer Frogs
02100: Trissa Cloverhill

Non-Reaper Minis
GW (pre-1990): Half-Orc Fighter with Sword and Shield
GW (Pre-1990): Half-Orc Fighter with Two-Handed Sword
GW (LotR): Legolas (Fellowship Boxed Set)
GW (LotR): Rohirrim Archer
GW (LotR): Rohrirrim Infantry x2
Dark Sword: DSM3103 - GlenRaven - Female Rogue

Redbox Games: Christia the Chaste

Redbox Games: Lesser Infernal

GW: 6x Empire Spearmen (6th Edition starter set)

GW: Eldar Dreadnaught (original small head).

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I don't have the materials here on holiday to finish the base thanks to the big step up on it he has but the actual miniature is finished now so he is going up as done. Still only have my phone and no lighting set up of note to take photos with.



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You're such a fast and clean painter, I'm jealous!

I think part of the problem is I'm really only painting for tabletop use. A model like this is 2-4 hours work and generally has base coat, wash and 2-3 highlights back up. It's perfectly fine for tabletop.

You on the other hand are trying to work on display quality miniatures. When I do that it's 8-12 hours of brush time on a model, which is more like your experience.

Also I have a shelf of shame, bits of this guy have been getting done since November. I finally sat down and did the clothing and furs yesterday to get him done.

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You on the other hand are trying to work on display quality miniatures. When I do that it's 8-12 hours of brush time on a model, which is more like your experience.

Funny thing is we're putting out about the same quality :p It just takes me three times as long. Big emphasis on trying, I was just looking at some Dains painted by good painters and it's so far from what I've done thus far I chuckled to myself. Still, learning and trying to improve.
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I've done a lot more brush time than you, more than 10x the number of models so I don't think you have much to worry about on that front.

As far as Dain goes you are using a simple technique for the first time, start combining the basic paint layering with 2 brush blending and glazes etc and you'll get that quality you see elsewhere.

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Today's completed miniature is Legolas from the movie LotR Fellowship box. I didn't particularly try to follow the colour scheme of the movie, just tried to paint him "elfish".


Better quality but still tabletop standard only. Yes I know the eyes are not the same, but I didn't want to spend an hour messing with them when they are not as pronounced in their difference in RL.



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Finished these guys today; GW (LotR): Rohirrim Archer, Rohrirrim Infantry with Sword & Rohirrim Infantry with Axe.


All of them got NMM simply because I wanted to get the copper/gold metal on there and so I couldn't have the steel parts be metallics and the yellow metals be NMM.


There are parts of these models that have amazing detail and parts where the details suck, I suspect this is what causes a lot of the backlash against Bones in the mini painting community.





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All Reaper colours;


Maiden Flesh base

Wash with a very thin Oiled Leather with just a little Maiden Flesh.

Drybrush Maiden Flesh, Linen White, Linen White/Pure White, Pure White, Pure White/Pearl White.


Maiden Flesh shadows

Linen white midtone

Pure White highlight


Claws etc Pure Black with Walnut Brown highlight.

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Because of the thread asking about Bones size over in the Bones area I removed this guy from his base and rebased him on a 25mm base (better to show how it works than just say it does). As a result he got a minor upgrade in paintjob as well; drybrushing his fur detailing the mouth and eyes properly and neatening the leather.



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