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Cleaned up the desk!

Tranquil Ape

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Nice layout. I see handles but I bet that's not really that portable.


Is that bottom part a pull out board or just an extension of the bottom? That on a cart base would be nice.


My grandfather was a carpenter and I have a bunch of his old work storage stuff but nothing as large as that beastie.


This one gets the most use. I have to find a new knob:




According to my mother, he made that shortly after I was born, circa early 1970s. Nothing like good old fashioned woodwork. If this was bought from Wally-world it'd be MDF and dead already.


I started sanding it down to do a new finish on it. It had a handle on top. There are some good furniture stripping companies about my area, so I might just take it to them to get the nooks and crannies.

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I actually have one of these that used to belong to my Grandfather (he used it as his welder's toolbox back in the day.) one of my current unfinished projects it stripping and sanding it, and refinishing it., but until now, I hadn't been sure what I would use it for.

If you don't mind my asking, what all do you have tucked away in this awesome baby?

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Sooooo sorry i havent gotten back to this... I finally broke down and got a job at my local game shop... its a far far cry from what i was making as a project manager but at least i get discounts on minis...


here is a link to where she got my chest http://www.grizzly.com/products/26-Oak-10-Drawer-Chest/H7716


Be happy to answer any questions that anyone may have

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