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Some of my miniatures, just a dabbler


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Sometimes when you need a bunch of miniatures fast, then turning to eBay and Games Workshop is a quick way of achieving that goal. Both our gaming groups lacked "bad guys", making do with cardboard cutouts or badly painted much older miniatures. So while my wife was busy painting player figures, I got stuck into mass production, Warhammer army style, to rectify the problem.

GW miniatures can be sourced very inexpensively on eBay, either as used (paint stripping fun) lots or as new unpainted. I purchased skeletons, beastmen, skinks and dwarfs in plenty. The skinks make excellent Runequest Newts. I draw the line at GW Orcs as they are too squat. Reaper Bones to the rescue!

Here are some pics of the resulting 2010-2011 "paint fest" which I do not intend to repeat anytime soon.

GW Warhammer Fantasy Skeletons

A group of Citadel Gor Beastmen masquerading as Runequest Broo

I have enough skeleton bits and pieces to make up at least another 20 full miniatures with bases. The miscellaneous bones n bits can go into the spare parts bin.

Well....it was fun :)

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