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Here be dragons! 2013 paint challenge


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I don't normally post paint challenges this close together, but this one is going to run the rest of the year, giving you the remaining 360 days of 2013 to complete.


Paint a dragon, one of the large sized ones, like 2457, Amber dragon, or 2549, Narthalyssk, or even 60028, the Pathfinder Red Dragon. You can even paint one of the massive dragons, such as 10022 Ebonwrath, or 10016 Deathsleet. And if you bought into the kickstarter and would like to paint one of those dragons, then this is the challenge for you. Sorry, 'young' dragons and familiars will not count here.


Post here to join, and tell us what dragon you plan to paint this year. Keep us updated with photos of your progress, or links to your WIP or blog.


I'm still trying to decide what I'll paint:


60028 Pathfinder red dragon

2717 Dragon of Fire

2539 Silver Dragon


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Ooh, yes. I have a verocithrax that I need to finish. Dragons that I'll start this year will include Nethyrmaul and Glockendrache (I've forgotten the name Reaper gave him), and possibly Ebonwrath. I won't finish all of them, I'm sure.

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Well, I was certainly planning to paint dragons this year. I'm getting several from the Reaper Bones Kickstarter, although some of them are already slated as surprise gifts for our children (youngest was just given the Pathfinder core rulebook, eldest gets the Jabberwocky ... which come to think of it probably isn't a dragon, and so forth).


I have some ideas for iridescent paints. We'll have to see how they work out.

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