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Here be dragons! 2013 paint challenge

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Seeing the insane quality of some works can be a down note, but it doesn't need to be and it shouldn't be.  I should note that the winner was not who I thought it would be, although he was in my top 5, and no I had no illusions of winning anything, myself. 


The things you can get from the feedback really do help.  I didn't get feedback on earlier contests, since I was doing it for fun and not thinking about the improvements I've seen when people DO take the feedback.  Everyone does a great job around here of providing that.  Although text does get misunderstood every now and again.


I'll second Willen as there are no mistakes. There are areas where you haven't necessary developed, and the feedback helps with that. Sometimes it looks "awful" to you (you're your own worst critic), but may look great to others, or it may inspire others to do something similar to how you did.  Even a novice can teach an expert, and vice versa.  The good news is that many of us fall in between novice and expert (you and myself included), so lots of learning happens and we trade what we learn with one another. 

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OK, all the prizes have been submitted now. Turn around is 7-10 days usually depending on how busy Kit is so sorry about the delay on my end, I don't really have an excuse.

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