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Here be dragons! 2013 paint challenge


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Just a heads up that I'm hoping to have the contest rule thread up this weekend. We just got some of the final things decided on and I want to find an easy way to show off what the minimum size would be so there's no confusion.


How we've decided to run things is the single dragon entry is going to have laxer, more friendly rules and really only one or two prizes with the rest being random and the diorama is going to be along the lines of a traditional Painting Excuses competition with judge based prizes only but more then just 1st, 2nd and such but prizes for best painting best use of x number of dragons (we'll allow smaller ones if there's at least one large one), best composition, best over all and so on.


We realized we couldn't make everyone happy but this way there's an aspect of the competition that appeals to both the casual and more competitive painters here and I hope people will have fun.

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Ok I think this guys is big enough, he's 10.5cm to his top so should hopefully cut the mustard. I couldn't find whether it was limited to Reaper mini's or not, so if it is, no sweat.


I'm treating this more in the nature of a challenge as in 'How many can I do?' then I'll pick the best if that's ok? If it's not I'll delete out this post.


WIP thread here - http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47636-double-dragon/


Finished Dragon here - I don't actually have a lightbox, so I have a lot of trouble getting the images to equal size, sorry about that.







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I am very new to this concept....so sorry my questions are a little silly:


1. Should I be putting "year of the Dragon Participant" in my signature?

2. Did the contest thread go up?? If it has, where?? If it hasn't, would I look for it in the same place as this one??

3. I am planning on painting up Bile the Wyvern (at least to start), do we know if he is considered big enough to qualify?

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I hope to finish my first "dragon" this month and have finished the prep on the second one as well.


As far as the contest I would expect June at the earliest for its start, to give us all time to get our Bones KS ( given that some of us will not ship until the end of March and have a 2 week minimum shipping time).

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