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Here be dragons! 2013 paint challenge


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Let's see....one year, so I may have a chance. I will "try" to play along with Gauth. Been staring at me for about a decade...


Any suggestions on how to remove the wings I 15 minute epoxied in that are not alighned correctly? :D either they get removed and fixed or I learn to use green stuff.

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Inarah, you need to really make sure you prep the dragon well, lol. You should have it so solid you can pick it up by the wings. That means something that sets rock hard, not green putty, and nice deep big pins.


My recent dragon shipping fiasco with UPS wasn;t the pinning and Apoxie Sculpt, it was the resin that couldn;t handle being dropped repeatedly during shipping.


if you need tips or help, let me know!

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Yeah Dragons.


Excellent idea painting dragons, just the sort of incentive I need to paint some of my dragons.

Just don't know which one to paint, or all of them (some have been around for a very long time)

Let's see there's a Deathsleet, some Grenadier dragons, some other dragons and (quick check of Kickstarter Bones stuff) some Bones dragons.

So the big question is, do we start painting dragons now? or do we wait till it is announced?

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