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Here be dragons! 2013 paint challenge


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Yeah Dragons.


Excellent idea painting dragons, just the sort of incentive I need to paint some of my dragons.

Just don't know which one to paint, or all of them (some have been around for a very long time)

Let's see there's a Deathsleet, some Grenadier dragons, some other dragons and (quick check of Kickstarter Bones stuff) some Bones dragons.

So the big question is, do we start painting dragons now? or do we wait till it is announced?

It's announced. Paint some dragons.

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Believe me I don't feel brave when I see pictures of the big Bones dragons.


I'm about a third of the way through my GW (Marauder) Orc Wyvern and hope to finish it soon (wings and belly to do plus rider details), but this month has not been great for painting, I'm way behind on my basic "20 models" target and as Gimli says "the still only counts as one" applies to the Wyvern so its back on the shelf atm.


I've probably got close to a month before the Bones KS arrives and I get a flood of Dragons to paint, maybe I should try to get 1/month done as well as the other models? Hmmm?

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I have all the Bones dragons coming and I'm anxious to paint them, but for now I'm getting started on Narthalyssk. I had it primed, but wasn't really happy with how the primer went on, but started painting anyway to see if the paint would mask the primer issues, but it didn't- not really surprised but thought I'd take a shot anyway. I had no Simple Green on hand but did find some acetate/acetone... and that stripped it all off. So now it's drying and I'm going to let it sit until tomorrow get completely dry and let any residue evaporate although the two baths and 20 minutes under running water should have taken care of all that.


So for tonight I'll work on my Balrog and some mouslings. So excited that my big annual events are over with so I can start to paint again. I also have an Orc Ogre I was supposed to work on with Buglips' thread but wasn't able to get finished thanks to some crazy timing of some Girl Scout events. I'll get that finished up too- might even be able to get him done tonight.


*Edited to fix which beastie guy it is....

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I, in my infinitely naive optimism, will be painting my Kaladrax. Or any other number of the Bones dragons. I've been coloring them up at my work desk for months now and I think I know what to shoot for.


I have to ask though, what's with the Ebonwrath? I didn't go for it because...the wings just looked wrong to me. Like where they connect to the body just seemed like it's a giant wingless dragon that someone just slapped glue on a pair or wings and stuck em there. Does it strike anyone else that way? Like the wings either don't belong there or just structurally don't work?


Edit - Until I saw this of course http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/20918-ebonwrath/ and now I just feel silly!

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