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Here be dragons! 2013 paint challenge


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and SACRIFICING PIES, of course! :wow:


I still haven't decided whether I'm doing a single or a diorama/vignette. My basing materials options are a bit limited, though I do have GS now, so I have more possibilities now.



--OneBoot :D

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I should keep expanding that thread with stuff I found useful or interesting. As a log for myself, at least.


Everything is basing material OneBoot! The only limit is "gross". I mean, nail clippings might be off limit, but bandage cloth? Great for nets. Cheap little containers? Great for everything. Broken twig? Come on! I look around my office and almost everything is great for dioramas.


We just got a Nespresso machine and I am eyeing with love the coffee containers... mmm... scifi bulkheads...

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Definitely, I grabbed some small rocks from outside the other day and a few small broken pieces of wood that will make good tree stumps. I also used those popsicle sticks in the making of my books. In my basing bin I have old CD's from video games I used to play but haven't touched in years, styrofoam and a few other oddities I might find useful.

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