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Here be dragons! 2013 paint challenge


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I encourage everybody to get feedback (sorry Monkeysloth  :blush: )


I mean, I kinda considered my entry top-5, but for all the wrong reasons it seems. The feedback surprised me, but it is needed to identify how other people see and valuate your work. 

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Thanks for the feedback Monkeysloth!


This was my first diorama and I guess I needed to explain the story elements a little better. If anyone is interested I posted a step by step walk through over on CMON:




You might have to go back a couple of pages to see the dragon Diorama.


I know the CMON gallery gets kind of bad rap for being harsh but I have found the forums to be super friendly.

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Happy to see people are finding the feedback helpful. I'll send out the next wave of feedback tomorrow night.


Thanks for the feedback, they will be useful and are very appreciated. I will take them in consideration for my next projects and may even go back on my Dragon to complete some parts that need more attention.

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Congrats to all the winners! I'll have to try again next year, it was fun =)


Doubt i need feedback on mine...I know where all my errors lie [at least I probably do lol!] and there were some epic entries that were pretty hard to beat out =P


Siri, if I may (and I don't want to sound harsh)... you had no errors. You just need to practice more. 


I mean, if you look at all the winners, it shows it was not the first time they picked up a brush. There are a lot of little things, starting from the basics, that people that has been painting for several years get perfectly. And little things show in the final result. 


All entries had some "genius" thing here and there, because there are some things we do better naturally, or because of our professions outside the hobby. But painting... nothing beats a lot of practice. And THEN, you have talent.


So don't focus on "errors" or "mistakes". Focus on improvement areas. Feedback and contests are great for that if you can use them to fuel your improvement :)

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There are so many aspects to it as well. Below are the things I get out of painting.


1) The experience and joy from just painting alone or with friends

2) The joy from painting something you know you painted very well

3) Dealing with the fear of getting out of your comfort zone (I fear certain colors and am still learning to assess value with just my eyes and not camera b/w image)

4) Emphasizing your other talents (sculpting to offset a lack of painting skill, custom electronics to offset a lack of basing skill (me), etc)

5) The pleasure of creating a scene that evokes feeling and emotion

6) Taking the actual picture of it where the picture brings to life #5.

7) Developing new systems to achieve certain effects, and then optimizing the process so you can do it quickly.

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