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Sir Thomas "Forscale" Garrick, known as "the Bold", after his mighty crusade against the vile Flit, the Dragon, whose armies were in turn led by Barnabus and his horde of skeletons with spears, with Mortar the gargoyle heading up a band of wily Orcs with Scimitars.  By Sir Garrick the Bold's side was the ranger/rogue Michelle of the Dancing blades, oft seen with her companion Torg, the unicorn, whose adventures against D'Khul, Bathalian and his Werewolf skirmishers.

Wait! THE Thomas "Forscale" Garrick, that I served under when I served in the Anhurian 4th Foot regiment, AKA 'The Orc Stompers'? Ah, good times...

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Why do I get the impression that Garricks the Bold will become some sort of underground/secret currency for exchange.  "You want in to Reapercon? That'll be five Garricks."

I laughed for no less than twenty minutes when I read this. Not because it was funny. But because if how ridiculous an idea it is.


Clearly we will always use dragons as Reapercon currency.

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