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Wise Man #1

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Is it just me or does he look sad? He looks like his mom's making him hand over his collection of baseball cards or something...

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Gold Frankincense and Myrrh are funerary gifts, IIRC...


True, those two spices were used in mummification to make the body smell better.


I figured he looked that way cause his hat is really heavy and it's giving him a headache :wacko:

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    • By Gargs
      Just curious, is the Nativity set only going to be available around Christmas, or is the plan to make it generally available year round (realizing of course that supplies might be limited).?
    • By Glitterwolf
      I want to give my girlfriend's parents a little gift this X-mas ( well a bit before that).
      So I decided to make a little vignette of the Nativity Set.
      I found this nice dome for 5 euros..
      I had to skip the idea of the three Kings.
      But my girl explained to me that they visited later, so it wouldn't be a problem to just use the Nativity set itself, a sheperd and a few animals.
      Else it would get too crowded on the little wooden plate.
      The Donkey and Oxen are supposed to keep Baby Jesus warm with their breath. So that's why they stand so close.
      The Cow will be mutilated converted into an Oxen.
      Here is the set up.
      I might have to move them a little more forward to close the gap.
      **** But Herman December is a long time away! Why start now?****
      *** Have you noticed how slow I paint?***

    • By tiniest rhombus
      With minutes to spare, I finished the base for the nativity and got the figures I managed to get painted this year for my Moms Xmas gift. The pics are not the best, I had to take them quickly so we could get over to her house for Xmas brunch but you get the gist of it. :-)

    • By tiniest rhombus
      Painting The Nativity up for my Mom. This year she will get the Holy family, the lamb and the donkey. Next year she'll get the rest. I'll make up the base for them with room to add the rest next year. A couple things of note. The figure of Mary was fairly well cast, I wish I could say the same for Jesus and Joseph. Josephs face is jacked up with googlie uneven eyes and Jesus had huge mold lines and very soft details. I did the best I could I guess. I'm not talented enough to fix the huge issues with these two figures. They look well enough from far away so I guess it's fine.

    • By Gadgetman!
      This is likely to become a very long and slow thread since I only have the main Nativity Set and one Wise man yet... 
      Anyway, onto the wood 'stable'... 
      Since I just got the Vallejo Old & New wood effect paint set, I decided to use that.
      (Actually, I got the set for this mini)
      First I primed it with IDF Israeli Sand Primer:

      Then I coated with 71.131 Concrete. The star is based with Reaper's Palomino Gold, of course.

      Then Sand Grey happened...

      A wash of Model Wash 76.517 Dark Grey, highlights of RAL1001 Elfenbein 71.075, and some Reaper Bones Dragon Gold on the star.

      I think it's mostly ready now, just need a bit of cleanup here and there, some varnish, and a base... 
      Yeah, I gotta think about that... 
      (It needs to be able to hold all the Nativity minis after all)
      Also, because of the instructions, I think that paint set is worth the price, and with a bit more experience with it I should be able to produce some really nice results.
      (I used a crappy #1 synthetic for everything but the star, where I used a crappy #0. None of the woodwork requires a good brush, really.)
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