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Here is my first golem for my vampire counts army.


It is a cadaver collector and will be my 'corpse cart'.


I ordered two flesh golems from reaper and four from two other producers. I have 2 grave golems and the pumpkin golem, but not painted, these golems will be the crypt horrors of the vampire counts. I still need the reaper grave horror. Ah, the pumpkin golem is painted, I must look if I made a foto.


If I need more than 8-10 crypt horrors. I will have two groups, one group of golems and one group of werewolves. I think the group of werewolves will increase faster than the golems.



This Flesh Golem 'Cadaver Collector' is a conversion of the D&D mini cadaver collector and the corpse pile of the vampire counts corpse cart. I can remove him from the main base if I need him for other games, even I don't know if I have use for him in another game. The base still need little work, it need grass.

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Here is the Scarecrow Flesh Golem.


I could need little help with him. I don't like the color of the pants. It makes the flesh part less visible. I can't find the correct words for it in english...


(The old toothbrush is for removing old paints) :-)



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I thought of the scarecow golem, that the maker hadn't the time to get skin over his face, so he is wearing this mask. (Still need to repaint his pants, I hope I will do it soon...)


Here are two other results happend, because the vampire count wanted new golems and wanted them fast. Who would argue with him?


First one is the repainted Skinless Golem from Dreamblade. The Golem Maker didn't had time to get fresh skin over his body. Since then, every skin he tried to give him was fast rotting away:





For the next one they didn't had even enough body parts, so he stole from the dogs their meal and made the Gutsoup Golem (from Dreamblade):



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