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Here is my first golem for my vampire counts army.


It is a cadaver collector and will be my 'corpse cart'.


I ordered two flesh golems from reaper and four from two other producers. I have 2 grave golems and the pumpkin golem, but not painted, these golems will be the crypt horrors of the vampire counts. I still need the reaper grave horror. Ah, the pumpkin golem is painted, I must look if I made a foto.


If I need more than 8-10 crypt horrors. I will have two groups, one group of golems and one group of werewolves. I think the group of werewolves will increase faster than the golems.



This Flesh Golem 'Cadaver Collector' is a conversion of the D&D mini cadaver collector and the corpse pile of the vampire counts corpse cart. I can remove him from the main base if I need him for other games, even I don't know if I have use for him in another game. The base still need little work, it need grass.

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For a DDM prepaint the CC has always been one of my favorites. Love what you did with it.

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not a really good picture, must check if i can make better pictures, in the backround is an unready werewolf, I'v made a picture already of the completed version, but the pictures are to dark...



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If that cadaver collector came at me on a game board, I would just fall over and die and save you the trouble of rolling. Fantastically frightening.

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Here is the Scarecrow Flesh Golem.


I could need little help with him. I don't like the color of the pants. It makes the flesh part less visible. I can't find the correct words for it in english...


(The old toothbrush is for removing old paints) :-)



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I thought of the scarecow golem, that the maker hadn't the time to get skin over his face, so he is wearing this mask. (Still need to repaint his pants, I hope I will do it soon...)


Here are two other results happend, because the vampire count wanted new golems and wanted them fast. Who would argue with him?


First one is the repainted Skinless Golem from Dreamblade. The Golem Maker didn't had time to get fresh skin over his body. Since then, every skin he tried to give him was fast rotting away:





For the next one they didn't had even enough body parts, so he stole from the dogs their meal and made the Gutsoup Golem (from Dreamblade):



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loving the blood and guts!! If you ever get a squeemish opponent you are sooo going to p0wn his/her @55.

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    • By Maledrakh
      Nolzur's do make a few great monster minis, even though most -if not all- of their humanoid minis are too small, weedy and have too shallow detailing for my liking. Here is one:

      Yep, a dead head.

      50mm base.
      The main colour is Citadel Contrast Plaguebearer flesh, the rest is regular paint.
      This mini was finished September 12th 2020.
      Zombie Beholder
      Nolzur's Marvellous Miniatures, Wave 11 2020
      I have no idea who sculpted this, as WizKids do not -as far as I know- publish this info.
      50mm base
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      I've got more dead things for you today.  @Igormortis isn't the only one looking for some dirty dead!  Here's my little collection of swamp zombies.

      The crowning jewel of this set is of course the Dreadmere Wight from Bone 4 Dreadmere.

      He's got plenty of character packed into such a simple model.  I love him.

      Along side him we have a repainted Zombie from D&D Giants of Legend prepaints (#40).

      I've had this guy for ages, way before i learned to play D&D or ever picked up a mini brush.  His paintjob was pretty bland and I definitely think I (un)livened him up.  Would make a great shaman-type mini.

      And filling out the horde we have the Zombies from the Castle Ravenloft board game.  Again.  Rather bland sculpts, but I like them a lot more now.  Their weird posture was the inspiration for the swamp theme as I imagined them pulling themselves up out of the muck.

      All together, they're a fun thematic set and add for some variety to my dusty Graveyard Zombies.

      Which one do you like best?
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      Crawling back from the dead here with this fun little handful of zombies!  Added some gravestones to a few of them using popsicle sticks.  Just good ole' classic grave crawling zombies.  Went for a dusty color palette.
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    • By Inarah
      Unknown female vampire figure I picked up in a boxed game set.  Can't remember the exact name or manufacturer.  Box art showed them in purple, I wanted to explore other colors.  I see her as the kind of vampire that likes to play with her food and enjoys a bit of lively sport. I have 2 of her sisters to do in other colors. 

      The photo is a bit washed out from the flash.  Her skin is a pale grey, different than her white gloves.  Casting on the face is strange, she has an odd shaped mouth, and no nose so I painted one on. 
    • By Iridil
      And what's a graveyard setting without some undead wolves to harry the party in the snow?

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