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BR - Icingstead vs Gnomes


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Yesterday, I had the privilege of facing off against Steve and his Gnomes. I hadn't ever tried playing Icingstead before, but earlier in the week I was inspired to build a list without any Giants or Humans. A true "Savage North" list.


Icingstead - 993 points


Troop 1

Deathsleet with Book of Tactics

2x Ice Troll


Troop 2

Dorog Frostclaw

Oga Snowpelt

4x Yeti Warriors

4x Ice Toad


Troop 3

Frost Wyrm


Bloodstone Gnomes - 1000 points


Troops 1-5

Kordtok the Gutter

5x Pulger


Troops 6-10

Great Worm


Steve deployed Napoleonic-style in two straight lines across the front of his deployment zone. Each troop divided in two to maximize his Locked Shields, the worms burrowed just behind. The game opened with me flying the dragon across the board just to the right of center. Since Steve didn't have any magic or ranged, it allowed me complete freedom with Deathsleet. The two trolls ran forward and took a couple shots at his lines, killing one Pulger. My Frost Worm then ran up between the two Trolls and came above ground. I wasn't going to fight the worms underground and limit my support. There was only space for two worms to charge my frost worm, and we traded blows, eventually killing each other (me getting two for one deals became the theme of this battle). Another worm charged a troll and killed it over a couple turns, but also died for his efforts. The 4th worm charged a yeti and completely whiffed, taking three hits back in return. The final worm moved up in position to charge the Yeti Shaman the next turn.


Turn 2 saw a worm charge the Yeti Shaman and whiff, taking a couple hits in return. Two Ice Toads charged the worm who had earlier whiffed on the Yeti, and Freezing Burst it to death. Deathsleet sprayed some Pulgers. The second troll was charged by a troop of Pulgers/Kordtok and died, taking a couple Pulgers with him. The other two Toads were charged by three Pulgers each, dying but taking two Pulgers with them apiece.


On turn 3, I tried to lightning bolt the worm off my Shaman, but failed to hit. In retrospect, he may have had more success casting Iron Skin on himself and just fighting. The Yeti chief and another Yeti charged in to help the shaman, killing the worm, but the chief was killed in return. Another Toad traded his life for two more Pulgers.


The endgame saw Deathsleet, the Yeti Shaman, a Yeti, and a toad versus a couple Kordtoks and a handful of Pulgers. When the dust settled, all that was left on the field was an uninjured Deathsleet.

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I was there for the beginning of the game, but had to leave early. After all of the 1s and 2s Steve was rolling early on, I figured he would have been icingstead popsicle snacks by the 3rd turn. Glad to see that he was able to make a good comeback even if it wasn't all the way to victory.

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Yeah, my worms were a complete bust. They were lucky to trade off at all and never for equal points. I whiffed on quite a few shots where all I needed was a 2. The pulgers were decent but it was the captains who were my MVP. They just kept getting hits. Though it was hilarious when I charged a whole section against Deathsleet only to have Kordtok and half the pulgers stop up short (failed the DIS check vs his Fearsome). It was like a light went off in their heads saying: whoah!, I'm not nuts enough to attack THAT!

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@wildger - Glad you liked the write-up. I'm a fan of reading bat reps, so I figured I should contribute every once in a while. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to write a bat rep for Warlord due to the fluid turn structure. P.S. Sorry for the lack of pics. I'll try to remember to take some next time.

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