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Patrik's miniature painting project 2013, week 01

Patrik Strom

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I dabbled in miniature painting in my youth and a few years back I managed to rekindle the interest with the help of roleplaying games. Although I noticed that I had a greater talent for buying miniatures than actually painting them, which left me with a small pile of painted miniatures clearly overshadowed by the much larger pile of unpainted ones.


Last year I finally decided to do something about it. To get my momentum going and converting the pile of unpainted miniatures into painted ones, I set up a new years resolution of finishing at least one miniature per week. Preferably more, but one was the lower limit. Weeks when I wasn't in town (like visitng my family for christmast, going on vacation abroad, etc.) wouldn't count towards this goal of course, although I would try to paint miniatures before and after to make up for the lost time. In may of 2012 I also discovered the "dipping method", which caused me to revise the criteria of my new years resolution. The week would be counted a success if I either finished at least one metal miniature or at least four plastic dipped ones (usually repainted DDM miniatures).


Sadly I didn't manage to keep my resolution all through out 2012. Week 47-49 didn't produce any painted miniatures. On the bright side my resolution was kind of a success. During the year I managed to finish 81 metal miniatures and 119 plastic dipped ones.


This year I'm going to try and continue the trend (hopefully without any dips in production). To put some pressure (or incentive) on me to keep my resolution I'm going to try and post the progress here.


Since this is a Reaper forum I thought that I would start with a Reaper miniature :) The Templar Knight






I also managed to finish some plastic dipped miniatures as well but they're drying at the moment so I don't have any pictures of them (not that they're something special:)

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Thanks for the comments :)



That's a really nice clean paint job, i'd be happy to have that on my shelf. Can I ask which gold paint you used?


It's "Greedy gold" from thearmypainter.com. I had to do a paint refill and decided to try one of their paintsets. I really like their metallics. The other paints are good enough for my requirements.


Nicely painted, unfortunately that just makes that mould line on his right shoulder & head more obvious.


Yeah, I'm kinda lazy so I don't do enough prepaint prep work. I usually just cut the flash and try to file off any "sprue marks" I can find. I only strive for table top quality and with my "get as many minis finished as possible" goal I'm cutting all the corners i can :)


nicely done! I like it. And welcome to the forums, not to mention the one-a-week hopefuls club!


Thanks :)

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