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I love it!


You make metallics look really smooth and well done. Everything is crisp and very well done.


Where the horns meet the helm, it looks like there is fur, but the color makes it look almost metallic in the pictures?

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Blue is straight ultramarine triad. Secondary goal on this project was using my new bevy of RMS triads. Really nice for a quick job, need a bit of up and down for better results; the beard was taken down a bit with some brown washes and brought up into the blond shadow.


The horns were fun. I intended a lot more initially, based on a giant horn I have that doubles as a drinking horn (holds about 50oz...). My cat runs when he sees me with it, it's pretty loud!


Anyway, it was going to go down to black. I don't have the colors but can look them up (I'm at work). It was based in the ivory triad shade tone, then I put some thin washes of brown, streaking them up kind of jagged like. Then I washed some real thin ivory back down over it. Then I put in a thin light cool grey on the upper parts, really laying down a lot at the tip, probably 15-20 layers to get almost straight light grey, which stayed kind of warm with the ivory underpaint.

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    • By Sophie was taken
      For your perusal, Rasia w/ Spiked Chain and Dain Deepaxe:

      Dain was the last mini I was able to paint before packing up about three years or so ago, and Rasia represents my return to the hobby, as seen in this WIP thread. The latter suffered some paint loss on her left leg upon removal from the mounting base, visible here before being patched up. Rasia was also an experiment with the Red Hair triad.
      Overall, I’m pleased with the results. While I’m still a beginner, these two are a far cry from some of my early attempts.
    • By Emli
      Huzzah! I have finished all my L2PKs!
      Lessons learned: Metallics and I do not get along. They do have their uses, but I think I'll be sticking to some level of NMM unless I really need them.
      To work on for next time: Focus on one mini at a time, and try not to give up and rush near the end. I keep having to work on this one, because I keep failing at it!
      In both cases, I had grand ideas, and then I just wanted to be done with them. This is a common theme in my stuff, unfortunately. It was exacerbated by mold errors that were more annoying than I thought they'd be, and frustration with metallic paints on tiny, fiddly bits. Patience, I lack it.
      Mad props to my photographer, who made them look better than they do in person!
      02823 Rasia, w/Spiked Chain




      02811 Dain Deepaxe




    • By Emli
      For my next trick, I will finally finish off my last LTPK: #5 Armor. In my last LTPK adventures, I decided not to work on the models concurrently. This time, I'll do them both at the same time again! 
      Step -1: Review the instructions. 
      Oooh, I know what all of these things mean now! I'm not planning to completely stick with the included colors, primarily because we now have entirely too many shades of ... everything. The metal bits that are the purpose of the kit will follow the instructions, for sure. For Dain, his cloth will definitely not be blue (not decided on what color yet - Edit: hmm, greens sound good), and I think his hair will go more to the orange-yellow. For Rasia, she looks like she needs black hair, and I'm not sure yet if I'll do her skirty bits as metal (silver or silver-blue like her armor) or leather. Both of them will have their leathers and accessories done up with whatever feels like a good idea (or happens to be on the palette) at the time.
      Step 0: It's all about the bases. (Sorry, I failed my catchy music save)
      Waaaaay back when I started doing the metal LTPKs, I primered all the minis involved, then superglued them to 1" tiles. Ah, well, it doesn't count as shame if its only primer and glue, right? 
      This may not have been the best of ideas in this case, as I also failed to remove Dain's shield before I glued him down. In an attempt to salvage my errors, I removed the shield sprue bit, and glued down some mixed size sand to hide the nub. I also gave Rasia the same treatment, since I already know that this simple sand treatment works with the tiles. 
      Step 1: Paint
      To be continued...
      No pictures yet, because everyone knows what primer and unpainted sand looks like.
      P.S. I did find the old open thread, but its super old and I didn't want to necro it. 
    • By MamaGeek
      Here are two more speed-painted tabletop figures for D&D. They are Reaper Bones line versions of 02811 Dain Deepaxe and 60044 Damiel Iconic Alchemist. They took me longer than my last speed-paint, because they are more detailed. (Darn Damiel and his fiddly bits!) But they still are speedy for me, about 5-6 hours each, instead of my usual 12-15. They each have a coat of gloss, covered by a coat of matte, for heavy handling, and so they have a few shiny spots here and there.



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