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anybody use reaper MSP for airbrushing?

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OK kids airbrush thinning and MSP. Did you watch the video? No? GO WATCH THE VIDEO!!! :poke:

Thinning paint: as thick as 2% milk. Don't know what that looks like? Fill your gravity feed/airbrush prep bottle with 2% milk. Swish around see what it looks like. DONE! Paints thin differently so giving mixtures ratios does you a great disservice. Now for the secret. The higher the PSI the thicker the paint you can push through your brush. at 30 PSI I can push Reaper Brush on Primer almost straight from the bottle.

Please don't use alcohol or Windex. They turn into poisons when aersolized. (Don't believe me go find the MSDS on them. Bad Mojo.) Use water, flow conditioned water, or Liquitex/Golden airbrush thinner. (Tamiya Airbrush thinner requires a NIOSH mask because it contains organic compound nastiness.)

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So I have recently did some airbrushing with my new gravity feed AB and used Reaper MSP. watered down with a mixture of 80% distilled water an 20% lexatex Slo-dri, 8-5 ratio slo-dri to paint. used Beacon Yellow based coated, worked great in two nice coats. The paint flowed great, very glad about this thinkin of buying those new Badger paints but after the results of the MSP thinkin jus save my money. Another great thing use an paint brush stir paint in the cup workss great not alot of paint lose

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