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Should Games workshop Resculpt the Space marines?


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Over the years since their creation, the Games workshop spacemarine has changed little. This would be well and good, except for the increase in scale, the rest of the Warhammer 40K minis have gotten larger. When the original space marines were sculpted in the late 80’s / early 90’s, their size was about right for the 7+ foot tall Ubermensch encased in the best armor of a dark future. However these days the imperial guard humans are rivaling them in height.


I do feel GW should resculpt the minis to reinforce just how massive the marines in their armor are. This of course would make the 40mm base standard for the marines who have been squeezed onto the 25mm round for over a decade. To see their massive stature towering over the puny humans as they do in the 40k artwork would reinforce the might and power owed to the Emperor’s elite.

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Sapes Marines? "In the grim darkness of the future, the universe is run by damn dirty Sapes Marines!"


A better question would be: When will GW resculpt the Space Marines yet again? 1st edition had the beakey marines. 2nd edition had some new styles (the stormtrooper helmet). 3rd edition has some new plastics (more parts for better pose customability), and the newest terminator models are so big they come with larger bases.


My guess would be 4th edition will have yet another new line of space marines.

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Well now wait a minute...

This is, after all, a General Sci Fi Board. And there are a lot of us out there that do dabble in the 'Dark Arts' that is GW. ^_^


Now, while I do agree that the Space Marine is somewhat "undersized" as opposed to other miniatures in the game, they look about right when you compare them to say Tau and Eldar... So, I really don't think a complete resculpt is warranted.


Besides... You would be asking a whole lot of players to repurchase their marines. There are a whole lot more SM players out there (Vanilla, Blood Angel, Space Wolf, ect) than IG, Necron and Tyranid, that would violently react to the prospect of having to rebuy all of their stuff.


I dunno... Space Marines are imposing Super Humans. And, they do look it in Inquisitor. But, when on the 40k table top, at that scale and distance. I think they aren't that undersized.

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Alright, I'll admit it. I have over a Company and a half of Space Marines. I have a lot of them. No, really, I do. I gave a Company to Lextius just to get them outta my face.


I have, as I type this, one Space Marine and one Cadian on my keyboard, and I'm looking at both of them. Both of them have the 'wide legs' motif so popular with GW (and many other) game companies. So all things being equal, the Guardsmen, in boots and a helmet, only comes up to the eyes of the Marine.


Does it identify the model as a Space Marine? Yes. Should be be resculpted? No.


I'm glad the new cadians are of a comperable size, for one thing, I would go mad, mad I say if I tried to paint a 'realisticly scaled' gun to the level of skill I know I am capable of.


Now, as with many of my comments, your mileage may vary. You are of course allowed to have your opinions, I'm allowed to have mine. The moment you say 'but lstormhammer, your ideas, in the grand scheme of things doesn't equate to a pile of dog poo!', then I will of course defend myself.


And why did I pick up the new sculpt of Cadians? Because I wanted some new minis, of course! :)


To answer Super Jag's comments: Many people do care, why else would they create Forums? Do speak and discuss, to enrich ourselves with knowledge. As for if it's the right Forum. Let's see.... yup, Sci-Fi Forum, looks a perfectly good place for this thread to be in.


In the words of All Mighty Kit, Ruler of All Things Discussion-Board-ish, 'we really, really don't care if you post a non-Reaper mini, we really don't, just watch it with the adult content'.


So take out the word 'mini' and put in the word 'thread' and bingo! Same thing! Woohoo! We all rock!



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I think we need to nip this anti-GW crap in the bud right away. Like them or hate them, it's a good bet that many of us came into miniatures / miniatures gaming through one of their many fine products. Even I don't like some of their policies and practices, or their prices, for that matter.


However, they make some of the best product out there, as far as tin soldiers are concerned. They have the top selling sci-fi minis line in the world, and it's a top seller for a good reason. The new Imperial Guard are top-notch, even if they're a bit large in scale to a space marine. I noticed it right away and don't really care. Both Ranges of models are very nice sculpts.


Do I think the entire range wll be re-sculpted. No. They are in the process of re-doing the rhino-based tanks to make them look more in-scale, and we will most likely see new plastic terminators inside of a year (new rules version and boxed game due for XMAS 2004) which are in-scale with the absolutely gorgeous Grey Knights which debuted over the summer.


And this forum's title does say "General Sci-fi". In fact, other forums on this board have taken steps to specifically state that discussion / display of other miniatures lines and other manufacturers are welcome. GW shouldn't be an exception to this. Besides which, AICOM could give them a real run for their money once the line gets moving.

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I have several friends that play GW warhammer. They love the game one would prob agree with the resculpt idea. I could careless and what is up with such hatred of a company I know I have only been here a short while but please be kind to these companies the only company that makes any of the fantasy or scifi stuff I have any dislike for is Wizards of the Coast and its a case of low quality standerds in there editing of books and not taking some of the better art they used to use. But I still support them there are not many companies willing to deal with niches anymore they all need our support. :blues::ph34r:

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Ok, ok, some hate GW... some of us have reasons to highly dislike FASA and now WK.


That said... keep the hate off will ya? Some of us do play GW


Now as to respculping, WHY? They are fine. As is right now they are redonig the tanks and some of the I Guard tanks.. they do recycle the whole line so they will be redone.


Now to the credit of GW, you can use ANY model done by them in any official game, regardless of how old it is. This is something that some of their reps do not

understand, but they do.


Oh and as to the price... folks it is quite simple, as long as people keep buying, they will keep charging. I personally try to buy USED that way I save some money, actually quite a bit really.


But your mileage will vary.


Oh and I do like Epic, wonder what they are dong to the new edition. but Micro armor two is fun.

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The new Cadians are very nice. I'm currently doing some adjustments to them (namly filing off those silly winged skulls) so I can include them in third-party games. But they do look very nice.


And I'm glad they're in plastic, finally. Makes conversions very, very simple.


PM me and I'll tell you how to make a lasgun into a .50 cal anti-material rifle.



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