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Bug Hunt Corridors

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Weathering looks awesome dude. That light is a really nice touch.


Where did u get the Weyland/Yutani decals?

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Thanks all!
The posters like the LV-426 were just downloaded jpg's images from the net and printed out.

The Weyland crates were downloaded (search for Tommygun Papercraft) papercraft and then printed out on heavy cardstock paper, folded, and then glued together.

There are a bunch of other papercraft crates, shipping containers, boxes, etc... available.

The light, switch, and battery holder are from Modeltrainsoftware.com (good stuff there).

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Just got a message from Ken that my package is on its way.


Have to say I'm a bit intimidated by the painting and assembly. Might try putting together a couple of other laser terrain projects I have first.

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How's it coming along Darsc?

Here is a pic of a T-intersection that I just finished. Its going slow since I'm working on a bunch of different projects at once :)

I think I'm going to make up a big batch of wash when all painting is done and go over the walls lightly all at once.

The green girder things attached to the light tubes are from Pegasus Hobbies Hexagon system I believe. I just could not resist since they fit perfectly. Next piece I'm going to try some rusty diamond plate sheets bolted down to the floor as repair patches.


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Still waiting for my shipment to arrive.


I have to say though Ithaqua, that your work on these looks really good.

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the extras you're adding, and especially the color, REALLY made this section POP! VERY well done!!


I'm expecting I'll have mine by mid september. that gives me time to get the figs I bought for these painted.

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Yay! Big box of bug hunting goodness was waiting for me when I got home tonight!


Holy carp! Thank goodness Ken included a booklets worth of instructions with diagrams on how to assemble all this.


Oh no! I need a booklets worth of instructions with diagrams to know how to assemble all this.


I hope those of you here who have been posting your work with these, are planning to stick around these forums for awhile. I'm going to tackle some other terrain projects I have first, but I know when I get around to this I will have questions.

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My best advice is to start with a straight section, watch his assembly video again, and do a dry-fit run putting things together from lower number to higher. Then do it again with glue. All the other pieces use the same basic principles as the straight section. I sometimes put in the floor grate piece early to make sure everything lines up, I just don't glue it until later. On the corner pieces you should dry-fit the corner handrail before gluing on the corner pylon (on outside and inside corners) to make sure you have the corner pylon in the right place. Glue in the conduit pieces before the outside walls.

Feel free to ask about any assembly questions.

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My set arrived today and inventory completed. I need to bounce the handwritten list against my survey to check for accuracy...


... and I can't find what I wrote in my survey. Awesome. In any event this is what I ended up with:


Extra Doors - Airlock (1)

Extra Doors - Cargohold (4)

Extra Doors - Small (4)

Extra Doors - Medium (4)

Extra Doors - Large (4)


Straight Section (22)

T-Intersection (6)

Corner Section (6)

4-Way Section (7)

Wide Connector (4)

Wide Middle (2)


Airlock (2)

Cargohold (2)

Standard Side Room (9)

Corridor Side Room (3)

Corridor End Room (3)

Narrow Side Room (5)

Corridor 2-Side Room (3)


Endcap (15)

Interior Wall (15)

Stairs (4)


Loader (1)

Small Containers (10)

Large Containers (10)


Door Status Tokens (30)

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