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List of KS Bones


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80009: Rex,Dark Fark Future Hero

Is this a name change? :devil:



Many of the new Bones have different, but similiar, names to their metal brothers/sisters. I imagine this was done to help further distinguish the Bones line from the others.


You missed that it is a Fark Future Hero. I think it's supposed to be Far Future Hero. That is the devil in me pointing out errors.

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Top Posters In This Topic

So, it looks like there were 16 Bones SKUs before the Kickstarter, and there were 13 more set to go from LE. There will be 235* post-Kickstarter Bones. Yeah, that's a bump.


*Not counting Mister Bones, since he won't be generally available.

Oh, but he will.


Will he? It was my understanding that, like Kickstarter Sophie, he was a backer reward.


Unless you mean "generally available because so many people are selling him on eBay..."

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