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This is reposted from my display thread since Bedlam, PhD asked me about what How Not to Suck was all about. How Not to Suck is two hours of me figuratively talking non-stop (I have to pause to drink water) to tell all about everything from miniature tools and prep to how to layer. It's a pure demonstration class where I send two minis on constant circuits around the classroom to help people see that the physical process of how to transition from extremely dark to extremely light colors is not mystifying, easy to do, and is something anyone can replicate. Like I say in the class, if I can do it, _anybody_ can do it :D. It goes over basecoating, washing, layering, lining, how to prime, clean a mini, and how to make watching paint drying exciting. It's full of tips and advice I gleaned from other painters over the course of several years of 'Cons interspersed with my own observations as someone who can paint about as well as... well... what you see above. :D

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It only took me like three years to get around to using my own idea, someone should have stole it from me long ago. ;->


I used some of your technique on a model I painted very recently! Over in the Winter Wonderland Entry thread... the dark girl in the burgendry dress... her top is sheer and I used her to nail down my NNN(non-nude nudity) method.

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standing by! i'm going for two classes and a one-on-on.


Speaking of the one-on-one... I'm not quite sure what I should bring as an example of my work.

Not having done one, I would say bring something that shows what you want to improve on. You want to showcase your abilities, and also where you've botched stuff.

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13-215: Basics of Blending $20.00 x2 - For my wife and I together, awww! (where's the emotionally ill emoticon...)
13-242: How Not To Suck $20.00 x1 - For me, 'cause I don't wanna suck!
13-315: The Art of Hot Chicks $20.00 x1 - For me, 'cause I like hot chicks. Also for me 'cause my wife likes hot chicks.
13-335: Earth and Fire $20.00 x1 - For my wife.
13-325: Sculpting with Fimo $20.00 x1 - For my wife.


I also started adding some mini's, thinking I'd capitalize on the free shipping.... Then my mini order was over $25 anyway. >.< On the upside, I'm getting me a Casketworks!



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      We are very excited to be able to come back and participate at ReaperCon again this year!
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      This one was for a facebook competition about color. The rules were, basically, don't worry about anything else but color. Do something different with color. I started with the idea of a dress palette of blue, teal, purple, and magenta. Once I had those colors in place, it was a matter of incorporating them in different areas of the model. I went with cotton candy roses and a galaxy print on the wings. The galaxy was a matter of stippling the dress colors (plus a bit of white) back and forth until the effect was convincing. Then I masked the body of the model and flicked a stiff brush at the wings to make star patterns. I then went back to the dress colors and stippling to blend them in a bit. This was a blast to paint, because I've never really done anything like this before.

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