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Painting Excuses Winter Wonder Single Figure Entry Thread


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Well, I thought I would throw a little something out there. Here is Goldar the Barbarian from the now extinct P65 line # 65131. I was debating his entry since I really dislike the face as it is sculpted, but I am running out of time and 2 more categories to get stuff done for. Everyone seems at the top of their game for this one.




Good luck everyone!

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The (not so) good General is a model I purchased because he fit with the Deva race description for 4E and works great as a Paladin and other similarly heavily armoured characters. Having found a colour scheme it took me a bit to get around to painting him, but he is done now, and seeing he didn't get a basic tabletop paint job I thought I would enter him. The fact he now reminds me of Sephiroth is a bonus even if I didn't do it on purpose.


14267: General Matisse,Overlords Warlord







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OC, that is stunning! I love your gold NMM here, and the hair and face, while definitely not flashy, make this guy look very sinister. The blade looks great, and I *LOVE* the extra bit of freehand on the back of the shield to make it look like boards. If I had one thing to suggest, it would be to bring up the highlights on the dark parts of the wings a little bit more. Perhaps whatever your bone colour of choice is?

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