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Woot! New Bones in Alliance database


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Wow Wurmgear is goin for around $25! Now I don't feel so bad I didn't get like three of him! Hopefully Kally and Nethyrmaul are under $50. I'd like to get a few of those to paint up as Christmas presents.

How to recognize folks that give painted minis as Christmas presents - they start talking about them nine months before Christmas. :lol:


I do that too. (Heck, I think that I mentioned pirate Santa in either early February or late January.... Sometimes the plotting begins December 26th....)


The Auld Grump

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I have another question: Looking at the list, and matching them to the existing Vampire Pledge, I have one figure that doesn't seem to match.


In the initial 30 bones there is a male Elf in Armour with sword upraised (possible new sculpt), but in the above list the only figure I can't match is an existing sculpt, Turanil male Elf Paladin (2901).


Did I miss a substitution somewhere?? Or is the new sculpt named the same??


Inquiring minds want to know....

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As a matter of fact there was a substitution. Both of the new elves were substituted for existing models because the new sculpts weren't ready in time to send to the factory for mold tooling. We may yet see them in metal but not in Bones for the foreseeable future.

No, these are different than the one he's talking about. He's talking about the elf in the original Vamp pledge of 30 figures. Third row, far left.


I believe that figure is new, but one that is an alternate sculpt for Turanil.

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