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Reaper BONES Gnoll Warrior

Darius Glenwell

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I have to agree with badocter, that's a great paint job and the base is excellent. I really like the way you've gone for a gritty real world look, he just exudes violence.


I always try and find one thing to criticize even in the best models so I hope you don't mind me following that theme here. The only thing I would change is the gum line. It looks just a little too clean and pink for the rest of the model.


And welcome back

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Thank you all for the kind words. I do appreciate them. I try to go for a more realistic look for my painting. Gives the players a reason to really immerse themselves in a game.

I agree about the gum line. That's a bad case of gingivitis there! lol I've got another one of these guys on the paint table, I'll tone down the gum line with him. lol


if you want to see some more of my painting please come check out my facebook page; facebook.com/MidwestMiniatureGuy and you can follow me on Twitter @Midwestminiguy


Thanks again!

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Easy monster mouths: paint them pink, flesh wash ink. I did this by accident, looked at it, and will never do a mouth differently again.


I used Coat D'Arms pink and flesh wash, if we want to be precise about it, but I imagine the results would be similar with any other pink and flesh wash.


Worth a try, anyway. Worst that can happen is you don't like the look. But I think you might.


ETA: It's what I used on this spectator, though the picture doesn't quite show the colour off well. I'm going to do it on a few other baddies soon, so maybe those pics will show it better.



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