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77029 Torg the Unicorn -- bones, no primer, cheap paint

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This is the first thing I have painted since November. Every time I paint a bones I like them more. I am no fan of priming and I really like how they take craft paint. The camera jammed during this photo session (E18, again!) so they aren't the best photos. Happy (Late) New Year and feedback appreciated.





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Wow, thanks for the comments and the likes! Really appreciate the feedback. While I was painting him I kept thinking of the chapter in The King of Elfland's Daughter where there is this incredible unicorn hunt.

My Torg's horn is a lot more bendy.


It works for me, though - it makes him look a little crazy.


Fun, though, isn't it? Love the Bones.

Indeed he was pretty bendy when he came out of the package but I dunked him in boiling water for 1.769 seconds, then straightened out his horn a little, and repositioned him so he wasn't leaning so far to the right, while holding him in cold water. This also made him angrier, so that's a bonus.


The quality of this mini is a testament to your skill; excellent work.

The only point for improvement is the eye, the solid black eye is a stark contrast to the rest of your wonderful work.

Thank you very much for that comment -- there is actually red in the eyes and it looks better in person but it does look black in the photos. If the camera hadn't choked on itself I would have repositioned the lights so you can see the demonic redness.

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You should consider entering this into the current forum contest

Thanks for the encouragement! I wouldn't have considered doing that on my own, although the positive reception of this figure spurred me to post it to the inspiration gallery. Since the work on the base is fairly simple I would presume the third category -- single figure open -- would be most appropriate. Would you agree?

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