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The Fantastic Reaper Crew

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Had an awesome experience I wanted to share. I was in the Dallas area this weekend so of course I had to make the trip up to Denton to visit the Reaper store. ReaperBryan happened to come out and I was asking him questions and telling him I was looking forward to Reapercon. He even took me on a tour since I had missed out at last Reapercon. It was fantastic. I got to talk to the very awesome Shannon who was helpful regarding wet pallets. And then see the infamous Patrick Keith and Martin Jones who were working on the new Bombshell Babes. (They are looking amazing BTW.) I’m not ashamed to say that I seriously geeked out. The Reaper Crew are a really great bunch and it only saddens me that I don’t live closer to experience all the shenanigans that must take place on a regular basis.


Thank you ReaperBryan for showing me around. It made my day.

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Seriously, I cannot wait to make my way out there some day!


My own story of Reaper awesomeness isn't as cool as yours, but when I placed my very firstest ever order from Reaper not too long ago, I made a weird request. I jokingly asked for a bristle from one of Martin's brushes. The crazy buggers tossed in my very first sable brush and Martin signed it! It's my new workhorse brush and it's helped me step up my painting game. Not to sound like a cheesy ad, but thank you, Reaper ::D:

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People who just relate to Reaper on the "you sell; me buy" level really miss out on a lot. And by that I mean people who just buy what they make but don't engage like, here on the boards. Painting and being part of the community. See, I'm inside it now (and it's still hard to believe this is a recent development for me) and now I can't see it being any different.


So it kinda shocks me when I encounter the . . . uh . . . the UnReapered? We got a new guy playing with us, and he seems pretty good. Which is nice, because that rarely works out (we have high standards).


So for his first game, I showed up with a big box of Bones blisters from my last order. I'd been saving them so the monkeys could have some fun ripping open the packages. My friend actually thought it was the Kickstarter minis, and I was like: "Wha? Man, this ain't even a fraction of what's coming in that."


But anyway, so new guy then says: "Oh, the Reaper Kickstarter?"


And I says: "Ah, you heard about that!"


And he says: "Yeah, but I didn't go in on it."


"Why not?" says I.


"I've got plenty of miniatures already," says he.


"You gonna regret that, son." I says. "You gonna really regret you didn't get in on it. They're amazing."


And you know what he said?


Do you know what this dude said?



He said: "Reaper's okay."






This guy don't know. He just don't know. But. He. Will. And then he'll feel bad when he goes home and all he has is lesser company stuff. While I cackle and caress my Bones.

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My guess? He's dead inside. Maybe from the Evil Empire's influence, maybe he ate 1 too many lead miniatures. But either way, the final nail in his coffin was passing up the Bones KS after having seen it in time. Doing that, and then seeing your haul, will forever condemn him to a soulless purgatory.

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I think that Brother Buglips will convert that poor soul to the way of Reaper Bones soon enough.



After all, it wasn't that long ago that our Brother Goblin himself forsake all plastic in favourance of the weighty metal. Now the love of plastic is in his Bones.



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I admit I was looking for plastics at the time. But the new prices on GW and similar stuff didn't really grab me, nor did the variety available, and I hate assembling multiparts; it's OK for a major work, but 4+ pieces for each of twenty grunts? Nononono.


Then the Bones KS started. The price was superb from the get-go, and on offer a nice variety of fantasy stuff. So I went for it. The value kept getting better, and there were HUGE dragons, and... well. So two weeks ago I bought some Bones to prepare for the Arrival. At first I was a little frustrated...


... but now like Brother Buglips I am looking at all my precious metal miniatures and wishing they were Bones. Good grief these things are easy to handle, easy to paint, easy to store, easy to transport. There are none of the ugly artefacts of cast polystyrene, and assembly and prep consists of knifing some mould lines, scrub, and GO.


I am in love.

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