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The Fantastic Reaper Crew


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You have no idea. No idea. I find myself looking at the DHLs and thinking: "Man, I wish that was in Bones."

frankly I want All of the metals done in bones.




I suspect Reaper will have to be choosy about which figures it makes into Bones. Even bringing production to the US, the molds for Bones plastic seem to be a couple of orders of magnitude more expensive than those for metal.

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The Reaper crew is one reason why I keep going back to ReaperCon. ha ha


It's nice to know most everyone online & such but being face to face just adds to the experience.


Ed & company have put one hell of a company together!!

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Well, there's always another Kickstarter . . .



I can find room. You bet I can find room.

ack give me a few months Im gonna go broke pledging 250 over my budget every couple of days.... kickstarter is the devil.


Probably one of the best things about the Reaper crew is that, while they're not afraid to stretch their necks out a bit and take chances, they also know their limits. After seeing all of these companies Kickstarting everything under the sun and starting new Kickstarters before they deliver the goods from their old ones, I'm rather pleased to watch Reaper take it easy and fulfill their promises first.

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