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Or spry under coat black, then use a white spry to spray down onto model and slightly to the sides to leave the recesses black. I saw this done to great effect recently.


I had not seen this lining technique before. I think I like it......

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Base coating the steel:




Base coating the leather and skin:




Edit: one thing I hope this helps is the back of the mini. Dearth of shots back there, lots of stuff. I could probably see that cylinder between his bedroll and scabbards as a vial, but I'm going with scroll case. Kind of stumped on the case-looking thing between the bedroll and his hair, so it's leather!

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I'll start off with this statement: NMM is HARD.




Apologies for the blurry pics as always, autofocus doesn't like these WIP pics. I usually take a few so one might come out in focus...


So there's the steel and gold NMM. Easily the most difficult technique I've tried, purely from a theoretical standpoint. I'm happy with a few spots (the gold bracers). For something of this level of complexity, I wish the instructions had three WIP pics of each area to be painted as well as a couple larger front/back shots of the completed minis. I was winging it for most of the mini with very little idea of what I was supposed to be doing.

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