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Stonehaven Troll =(


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I don't intend for this sound mean but the store isn't supposed to get it at all. It was KS exclusive.


Didn't check out that Kickstarter so no skin off my nose. I just happened to know the store existed.


It is a nice looking troll though and wouldn't mind it myself.


I do have a penchant for playing dwarves in various campaigns and some new blood, like those shown, is always welcome. I especially like the Dwarf Accessories which was added to my wishlist on Amazon for my family to consider. :)

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Okay, here's the thing. I do have a little bit of insider knowledge about the troll that I've chosen not to share on the kickstarter comments page because Stonehaven hasn't made a final decision yet and I didn't want to raise anyone's hopes or get anyone angry.



But since we're usually able to play nice, I'll share it here... And with all the lurkers I guess.



Stonehaven is still sitting with a fairly large number of unsold trolls from the first kickstarter production run. It represents a significant amount of dollars tied up in inventory that they haven't been able to sell because of their promise of it being a kickstarter exclusive. Obviously this is not a good position for a new startup company to be in.



They've been feeling out some of their backers for feedback. I was one. My own suggestion, and I've no idea what StoneHaven will actually end up doing, is that they should offer the existing stock, while the quantities last, on their current and future kickstarters only! Make it clear that no more will be produced to fill demand, it's first come first served with all orders being filled with the existing stock that Stonehaven has sitting in their warehouse/garage/living room.



I also suggested that perhaps they could also offer it at any conventions that they happen to attend.




So long story short. Maybe there'll be trolls available, maybe there won't. We'll have to wait and see.

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