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Stonehaven Troll =(


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Gotta love a happy ending! ::D:


I got two the first time - sold one as part of a Christmas present for a little girl.


Her mum is possibly the finest liar I have met in years. The little girl asked her 'what's he doing' - referring to the fact that I was painting miniatures at Burger King. Her mum replied that I was one of Santa's Elves, painting toys for Christmas. mGiven that I was painting miniatures to give as Christmas presents there was not much to argue with there.


Then her mother asked if I would be willing to paint something for her little girl, and to paint that at BK as well, so that the girl could see one of Santa's Elves painting something, then have it show up under her tree....


The best part? When I was painting the troll the mother told the little girl 'Don't stare, Santa's elves don't like to have people watch them while they are working'.... ::P:


The Auld Grump

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You should probably stop wearing the little green shoes with bells on when you go out

My players gave me a green and red hat with jingle bells on it because I told them about it. ::P:


The hat is currently resting on top of a plastic skull.


The Auld Grump, if they had given it to me before Christmas then I would have worn it so that the little girl could see me in it.

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