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I love your style OD! Your pallete and technique are way cool. I've never seen those mini's before, where did you get them? Did you sculpt them too?


Thanks. They're from a game called Super Dungeon Explore which is published by Sodapop Miniatures and CoolMiniorNot. The game has a sort of Hero Quest feel to it- and their expansions have very clear homages to older videogames (they have a Link and a bunch of Koopa Troopers).


i think i may try the braveheart thing with my pathfinder barbarian. do you mind if i borrow this paint scheme?


About the time I painted her, I started thinking that she's kind of a chibi version of the Pathfinder Barbarian (I think it is mostly the hair that does that for me). I don't mind at all, and I think she'll look great.

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    • By Glamberry
      Not sure I have posted any of my recent Minis anywhere ( if I did please excuse my forgetfulness). Recently I decided to work my way through one of my mini games. The infamous Super Dungeon Explore. I know a lot of people are not too fond of ninja devision due to various Kickstarters not being delivered ( I personally am in for Relic Knights: 2nd edition ) but I felt like I should paint them anyway. This is a big project for me since I'm a real slow poke and I would like to invite you along the (hopefully not too painful) way. Grab your rations and a duvet because you are in for a long one.
      I dislike repeat paint jobs which exactly why I started with the unique models, procastinating on the stuff I like least the longest (what could possibly go wrong). I try to stick as closely as possible to the original colour schemes.
      First one up. A tree.

    • By odinsgrandson
      Ok, I’m a fan of the Final Fantasy series, and one of the things that I like to do is convert chibi minis into some of my favorite videogame characters.
      Naturally, one of my favorites is Auron from Final Fantasy X. He’s such a badass.
      I started out with the Goemon mini from Ninja All Stars (which is a fine mini in its own right). Everything that isn’t Goemon was made from green stuff. All together, I think he came out rather well.

    • By odinsgrandson
      A while ago, Sodapop Miniatures released the Deeproot Scout- a character I think we can all agree had some inspiration in Nintendo's favorite elf.
      Naturally, my favorite incarnation of the Hero of Time to base him on (Link to the Past) as seen here  The hair is red (even pink) because I was working from the pixel art rather than the art in the book.
      More recently, Sodapop released a resculpt of the character- so I decided that the best thing to do would be to level him up a bit.  So here is my Deeproot Scout painted up as Link with Blue Male, the reforged Master Sword, red shield and boomerang.

    • By odinsgrandson
      Here are two minis that I really love.  I love how the Super Dungeon Explore setting has the princesses as the prophesied heroes that will eventually overcome the dark lord.  No waiting around to be rescued for them.
      Princess Emerald is really full of character.  I love the steampunk feel she has.  I chose a color scheme based on her namesake.  I'm planning on doing this with the other princesses as they come out.

      This Princess Ruby is a re-sculpt.  To be fair, I was quite fond of the original sculpt for Princess Ruby, but I recognize that as the style of Super Dungeon Explore evolved, she was a little left behind (Ruby would be far shorter than her sister princesses at least).
      And I was quite happy to paint her up again.  As with Emerald, my color scheme was based on her namesake:

      So we're waiting on the Super Dungeon Arcade box to come out so that I can have a go with Princess Amethyst next.
    • By odinsgrandson
      Here are a couple of fun little minis I painted up from The Forgotten King set.
      I'm not sure that there's much more to say about them.  The NMM was fun:

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