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Your problems with kickstarter?

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When I first pledged on kickstarter I thought things would go as it was written on the projects page. It turns out alot of projects have huge problems which affects the backers and are late etc What problems have you encountered with ks?


mine are:


I backed eastern fronts dwarf gladiators which were supposed to be shipped in dec, it now might not be delivered until April



-Eastern front studios originally planed to ship multiple shipments (which wasnt told to backers until it was funded) and then later said that doing that wasnt in the budget and now we are left with no shipping date.


I also backed Boss monster (which raised over $200,000) were supposed to be shipped in Feb and now wont be shipped till May



-BM has updated its backers regularly and are doing a print and play version of the game in Feb but sadly they thought the printing of the game would be quicker and now it wont be shipped till May





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I have 2 that really tweaked me. Goblins Drool, Faeries Rule! was finished in June, expected delivery in December, and is now not being delivered until MARCH. It's just a childrens card game, but it's taking them 9 months to get it finished.


The second is the Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Companion book. This thing finished in March of 2012 and didn't deliver until September (est delivery was April)


A close-to-pissing-me-off project is Dungeon World: They were going to deliver in August, but now we're looking at HOPEFULLY getting our final books next week. Their saving grace is that they have been quite communicative with us and got all the digital material out pretty quickly, even putting out unproofed, first edit, second edit versions so everyone could get their minds into it as soon as possible.


And a final one is Cairn. He promised delivery as a Christmas gift. He specifically marketed the project as a Christmas gift for the family. And what happens? He added way too much to the freaking book and now it won't even be ready for layout until February. I paid for it hoping to have it under my tree for my kids and he just overpromised without any clue what the project he was promising entailed. This didn't make me mad so much as very disappointed.

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I try to research the people and company behind a project as much as I can before backing.



Sometimes, I admit, I don't find out very much.


I've backed 19 projects and only two have been completed in full and I am 100% pleased with those. Stonehavens Dwarfs and Unique Dice Towers.


I have several I have only received the first of multiple shipments, like Reapers. So far there is only one, a graphic novel, whose delay is beyond a month or two beyond the original expected date.


I have heard some worrying things about some of the components making up the Sedition Wars game. I'm hoping to receive mine in the next week or two so I should be seeing for myself soon enough.


So not really any problems or complaints yet.

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I've only backed two. Reaper's is still on schedule. Open Locksport, after much drama and wailing and gnashing of teeth, is maybe possibly actually making the picks this year and, maybe possibly we hope, might deliver them.


Which, considering the kickstarter went bankrupt, lost his job, his house, and his fiancee, had a nervous breakdown, and is slowly putting his life back together with some help from Good Samaritans who stepped in to see the kickstarter through, is a lot better than it could be.

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I'm with Darsc, I try to do a bit of research to see what I'm getting into.


I've backed quite a few and taken a few long shots. Low Life is a bit odd, guy has never done minis, EFS is slow on fulfilment...but looks like they're spinning the first batch, which is good.


Tre wasn't a big risk, I count on him to work through issues and make things right. Ditto Patrick, especially since he's basically got Reaper at his back for his casting. Ed's only issue is his own success as a caster. Jody was something out of left field, but I really dig his style so I took a risk on him.


Dreadball has already gotten out the first shipments ahead of schedule, and they're pretty great. Not perfect, but I don't expect perfection. If I had opened a board game like that when I was a kid I would've filled the britches. Remember Dungeon, the old early 80s version? I loved that game but the tokens were a joke compared to the amazing sculpts these modern games include. It's craaazy.


My approach to KS is to not expect delivery by the estimated date. Most people don't have a clue. If they hit the dates, all the better. I also don't expect these games or minis to fill and empty hole in my broken soul and rage from the rooftops when my internal dreams are all shattered on the bitter rocks of reality.

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Daisy Kutter Book Reprint: Expected delivery Aug 2012, Artist was hospitalized. Actual Delivery: Nov 2012.

Sweet Meat Jerky: Expected delivery Nov 2012, Latest estimate: February. Anything involving the FDA causes huge delays apparently

Clockwork Menagerie Art Book: Expected Delivery Oct 2012, Arrived ON TIME

War of the Currents Playing Cards: Expected Delivery Nov 2012, Arrived ON TIME

Mayan Number Dice: Expected Delivery Oct 2012, Arrived ON TIME

Better Angels RPG: Expected Delivery Dec 2012. Delay due to artist left homeless by Hurricane Sandy.

Impudent Mortal's Gaming Terrain: Expected Delivery Jan 2012, Latest Estimate: Unknown. Laser being held by FDA

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So far I've only backed two. Red Box and Reaper. My attitude toward both was/is that I wanted to be a part of what was going on, and any rewards were just a bonus. To be completely honest I would have been ok with kicking in some money for both of these with no rewards. I have already received my Red Box, and I have no doubts Reaper's will ship in a timely manner. If something goes wrong I know they will keep us all updated. So, I guess I'm very lucky. I'm glad to hear good things about Stonehaven, as I've seriously considered getting on board with their gnome KS.

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I am used to projects taking longer than the original timelines, as I see it all the time at work.


I don't expect anything different from any crowd funding project. I expect one to three months of delay past the due date to receive anything. It helps to keep expectations lined up with reality. If something does ship by the due date, I am suitably impressed and happy.

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I've backed a few long term projects like Project Eternity, Pathfinder Online and shorter term stuff like a few card decks, KD:M, Reaper and Imbrian. So far one card deck has been delayed past the early Dec deadline because test print quality didnt meet the Kickstarters standards and he sent it back for corrections. Everything else has been on time or appears to be on time. Reaper is coming in March, Damsels of Darkmyre is shipping next month and Legends of Dawn should be here in March.

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I am concern about Dwarf Gladiators and I found a few forum stating bad previous experience eastern front. I am probably being paranoid but the fact that they start two other kickstarters further worries me (the more backers equal the more profitable for the creator to default rather than to deliver).


Should those forum posts exist before I hop on board I would not have back that kickstarter.

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I've backed 4.1 current, had to pull out of 1 & these past KS:


No worries with Reaper. They'll see it through, I guarenDamntee that one!!!


Cairn, while I'm not upset & fully understand where it was marketed as a small game gear toward something for Christmas, I can see the popularity of it prompted it to get bigger & such, but I'm not worried thou. I only put in the 12 dollar pledge & such. When it gets here, it gets here.



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Backed Reaper, Elmore's art book, Bombshell Babes and KD:M. Reaper was a known quantity; Elmore I expect will get it done, but I won't be surprised if it takes longer than expected given all the personalized sketches and whatnot; Bombshell seems to be on schedule; and KD I trust to know what's going on (though I'd like more post-KS updates from Adam).


Oh, and I backed Imbrian a little bit, too. But he's been good about updates, even if I'm not sure he'll deliver on time (my own skepticism based on his volume of needed output).


Given the good things I've seen and heard about the dwarves, I'm thinking about getting a few of Stonehaven's gnomes, but no more than two or three have my eye at this point.

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