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Drizzt Do'Urden, Red Box Games Miniature Conversion from Yvander HalfBlood


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I look forward to anything new from R.A. Salvatore. Darn good writer.



He can be, when he wants to be. I thought the Dark Elf Trilogy was quite good. Later stuff . . . not so much. For me it's like this:


Early Drizzt (Dark Elf Trilogy)


- drama

- peril

- intrigue

- suspense

- heart

- satisfaction


Later Drizzt (Legacy Plus)


- contrived macguffin

- everybody pretends peril

- Drizzt kills 1,000 trolls while stifling a yawn


- Drizzt solves everything because he's super amazing and super good and super powerful and super everything


If Mr. Salvatore had continued to produce on the Dark Elf level, my opinion of his body of work would be much higher. He's certainly capable of it, which is why I find it particularly sad and offensive that he went the easy route and phoned it in.


Just my opinion, of course. And this is not peculiar to him, it's endemic across most of the D&D world - novels and outside. Forgotten Realms 2nd Edition is maggoty with Super NPCs that have no rightful reason to lay claim to any reputation except that they were favourites of the setting's creator. Why should I care about a super wizard gandalf clone in a red hat just because Ed Greenwood liked him. I never saw him do anything special. I didn't adventure with the guy and roll dice alongside him. He's just a walking Deus Ex Machina. Ed Greenwood wouldn't give a hoot about my super heroic fighter dude, I don't give a hoot about his wizard. Seems fair.


Mind you, I did find Elminster useful once. When J'razz'grat the unholy gated into Waterdeep, picked him up, and bit his head off in front of everybody it got a lot of attention.


And anyway, I'll at least grant that the Drizzt books are a million billion trillion times better than those lamentable Planescape books.



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Addendum: Because of my, er, passionate opinions on the matter and inability to shut my mouth (fingers?), I will as penance in the nearish future paint Wulfgar, Drizzt, and Bruenor in a special WIP thread.


And I'll do it for real, too. No cheating or sillyness. Best job I can do. To help balance out the universe and my runaway gob.

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Again, thanks everyone for all the nice comments. I really enjoyed the work on this conversion.


@Buglips - I can't wait to see your renditions of the Champions of the Hall. It is too bad they do not have Catti-Brie and Regis to complete the group. Of course you could probably find suitable likenesses within Reapers miniatures even though they would not be quite to scale.

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