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My cheap 2005 P&S Canon let me set the white balance per mode. So I just went into macro (which I use to shoot minis exclusively) and put a piece of white watercolor paper in my light box. Then I follow the instructions to set the white balance. I'm pretty dopey when it comes to the camera stuff (doug is the man) but that one step helped a ton.


My light box is just a cardboard box with some tissue paper taped to it.



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If those lights are getting hot its probably a bad idea to have them that close the fabric of your light box.


My preferred photography lights are daylight compact fluorescent. They don't get all that hot, they put out lots of light, and they last forever. Based on what your light box looks for a standard setup I'd put one on either side like you have in the picture then add a third shining in from the front/above that doesn't get diffused by the light box.

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