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Ral Partha Amethyst Dragon

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My lady wife painted this old Ral Partha Amethyst Dragon a few years ago. She added some Reaper treasure pieces and settled on "Magic of the Orb" for the name of the little vignette she created. I found the old but unopened blister pack in some D&D bits when cleaning out the gaming cupboard.



The dragon has been based on an old anniversary dome clock base and protected by the clear Perspex clock dome. Tiled floor is dolls house floor material.

Painted with Citadel Paints and some Vallejo paints (we had only just discovered Vallejo at that time) and a lot of time getting it "right". That included lots of filling and re-sculpting of those filled areas. She added a small amount of Vallejo "metalliser" into the final coats to add some subtle sparkle.

The runes in the spell book are hand written using a very fine point micron pen. Naturally the spider is an orange kneed tarantula.




Lorraine has been busy painting character gaming miniatures of late for our D&D group (run by our son in law).


Lori is the miniature painter of the house, not "dabbler" me and she LOVES Dragons :)


We purchased a few Dragons as part of the options for our Reaper Bones Vampire level Kickstarter.

Hope you like the pics.

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You should as she's really good.


The reason I asked is because we have a dragon painting contest going on here, no official entry stuff yet but we've got prizes and base rules, and it's open to any manufacturer so if she wants to paint up something she can enter it. It goes until December.

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I did see that and mentioned it to her last week. She has around thirty unpainted Dragons in her stash and has just started work on a 1/32 Pegasus Dragon. I will ask her again and see if she wants to paint up another 26mm scale one this year. I am always trying to find more of the old Ral Partha ones for her.

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Spectactular! There is an amethyst dragon in the back story (and hopefully future story) of the wizard I'm playing in a C&C campaign. I've got to get my hands on this mini to paint it. Are these pretty hard to find?



I'd say uncommon, but depending on the market climate they may be a bit pricey.

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