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Zombicide: Toxic City Mall


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FYI, two x-over survivors popped up on the Wrath of Kings KS. $10/ea but they won't let you get them ala carte, you have to buy in for $50 or a faction starter first.


No, this is not correct.

1. if you are a zombicide 1 or 2 backer and you are using the same email you have used during the Z1 or Z2 KS, you can take the Zombicide-X-Overs, as much as you want


2. if not, you need to spend 50 Bucks or get a faction.


The KD X-Over is only available with a Starter Faction!

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In the comments section for the update, they have changed (eliminated) the requirements for Zombicide 1/2 backers. $30 will get you both without have to buy any WoK.


CoolMiniOrNot about 3 hours ago

If you're a Zombicide 1 or Zombicide 2 backer in the USA, just add $10 for shipping and please use the same email address as those projects in the pledge manager so we can link your accounts - this applies to Zombicide backers only.



Edit: Beat me to it! ;)

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EDIT: Nevermind. The situation has changed in the time it took me to type and post.


Not sure if that's a genuine statement or a witty comment on all the updates...




I was angry.

Now I'm merely annoyed.

I will decide closer to the end of the WoK project if I need/want these characters so as to make the decision with a level head.

Again. Yes.

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