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Base Coat: Craftsmart Pale Blue (3), AP Matte White (1), Reaper Flow improver (1 or 2)


Wash coat: Craftsmart blue Metallic (4), AP Ultramarine Blue (2), water (until it got to the wash consistency I wanted)


Glaze coat 1: Martha Stewart Pearl 'splash' blue straight up


Couple of the folks at Michael's may start calling me by my first name soon, LOL. Craftsmart stuff is $.99 - $1.49 for 2oz of paint, vs $3 for .6 oz of Army Painter.. Martha Stewart or Folk Art brand are a little more. It gives me more flexibility for 'base' colors and some various 'normal' ranges of colors. Then I can grab things from Reaper/AP/Vallejo/PP for the other specific colors I want (sulfuric yellow, Redrider Crimson, Drow flesh, etc . I'm not sure how the Flouro green I got from Craftsmart compares to Vallejo Flouro yet, but it doesn't to seem to be as 'glowy' as pictures of the vallejo I have seen.

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