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Fate Accelerated Kickstarter


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Sorry if this has already been mentioned - there is a Kickstarter currently running for Fate Accelerated a slimmed down version of the Fate RPG. Fate is the engine that drives The Dresden Files RPG.


The next step is a slimmed down version of The Dresden Files - they want to reach $400,000, have $355,193, and have a bit more than two days to get the rest - this is for the final stretch goal. The original goal of $3,000 has been left in the dust.



The pledge rewards are pretty nice - $15 gets you the core Fate rules in both print and PDF, the expansions in PDF, and allows you to buy up to nine additional copies of the rules for $5.00 each.


If they hit the 400K goal then the PDF for the Dresden Files version will be added to all pledges of $10.00 and over.


The Auld Grump

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